What color is good for cotton and linen dresses?

What is the color of the cotton and linen dress? The cotton and linen dress is actually the most comfortable fabric in the skirt. It is also the coolest in the summer, and for the girls who like the Sen style, the cotton and linen dress is special. Look at the temperament, let’s take a look at which colors of cotton skirts look better.

What color of cotton and linen dress looks good?

Apricot cotton and linen dress

Speaking of cotton and linen dresses, in fact, this apricot color looks the most comfortable, it looks softer than white, the upper body effect is very good, giving a feeling of oxygen girl, very suitable for some woods Taking photos with the countryside, it looks very temperament.

Green cotton dress

The dark green cotton and linen dress is also very beautiful, and the cotton and linen skirt itself is a feeling of partiality, and this deep green is actually closer to the big forest, and the deeper green is actually more white, and the skirt length is also The most scent of a kind, the whole is the feeling of an elf in the forest, especially aura.

Blue cotton dress

The sapphire blue cotton and linen dress is first of all in the white skin. You don’t have to worry about it. The royal blue cotton skirt can make you look more prominent, giving you a feeling full of mystery, and it is a bit deeper like a royal blue. The color system is much thinner than the white one, and it is recommended for the little fat girls celebrity dresses.

Cotton and linen dresses

Match one: white cotton and linen dress + personalized flip-flops

In the hot summer, there is no shoe that can match the comfort of a pair of sandals. This personalized pinch is very characteristic, with a white cotton and linen dress, full of literary style.

Match two: white cotton and linen dress + brown flat sandals

Summer, sandals, sandals are definitely essential, this brown narrow-band flat sandals are popular in the last two years, with a white cotton and linen dress is also very suitable.

Match three: bean green cotton and linen dress + small white shoes

Small white shoes should be the versatile shoes we usually wear. Basically, all kinds of skirts, trousers and small white shoes can be used. It is a simple and natural style with a popular bean-green cotton and linen dress.

Match four: dark green cotton and linen dress + white peas shoes

Beanie shoes are a very comfortable, versatile shoes, whether it is play, shopping, driving, or usually wear, it is suitable, with a dark green cotton and linen dress is also very natural and generous.

Match five: gray striped cotton and linen dress + white casual shoes

This white sneaker is more convenient to wear with clothes, and it is also better to wear, with a gray striped cotton and linen dress is also very good looking.

Match six: gray striped cotton and linen dress + white platform sandals

It is also paired with sandals. The top is a pair of comfortable flat sandals and sandals. This sandal is thick and has a certain heightening effect. It is very generous with a gray striped cotton and linen dress.

What kind of lipstick brand is suitable for high school students? What color lipstick lipstick is suitable for students?

What are the high-quality lipstick brands? Lipstick is the most frequently used cosmetic. We usually use lipstick when we put on makeup. It can also apply lipstick. The lipstick changes the image of our whole person.


Suitable for high school students

  1. Wet n Wild

Reference price: 30RMB

Wet n Wild’s lipstick color is good, does not pick skin tone and skin texture, is matte matte, very eye-catching. The makeup and makeup are casually matched, and the friends around Xiaobian are very attentive to it because the price is really high. The only downside is that it is a bit dry. It is recommended to use it after the bottoming celebrity dresses.

2, Amore lip gloss glaze

Reference price: 40RMB

This lip glaze is very thin and easy to use because it is easy to get started. It is recommended by many beauty bloggers. It is a lip glaze that can be used as a lip liner. The color of the lip glaze is pink, matte matte, and will not feel dry after use.

3, Canmake high moisturizing sunscreen lip balm

Reference price: 49RMB

This lipstick from Japan is believed to be familiar to many little fairies. It is better to call it lipstick than to say it is a lipstick. This lip balm has an excellent lip and a lip-reinforcing lip that combines lip, lip, lip gloss and sun protection. And its color rendering ability is very good, the color is gentle, can arouse the full girl’s heart ~ this lipstick has a total of 10 color, Xiaobian push 05 cherry powder, the color is very resistant.

4, Chifure Qianglian Lipstick

Reference price: 60RMB

Chifure is a skin care brand from Japan. Many of the products of this brand are very popular. Among them, Chifure’s lipstick is one of the favorite items of many people. Some of the lipsticks in the house are very positive, and there are also lip-effects. The daily makeup is very high grade.

5, REVLON Revlon

Reference price: 69RMB

REVLON’s lipstick can also be regarded as the best among the cheap lipsticks. Its lipstick is evenly colored, the color rendering ability is good, and it can’t be skinned. Choosing the right color number according to the makeup color will look very eye-catching.

6, L’Oreal velvet matte lip glaze

Reference price: 69RMB

This lip glaze has the same velvety texture as its name. It doesn’t pick people, doesn’t pick up makeup, and it’s very beautiful.

7, Bourjois wonderful Paris lip glaze

Reference price: 70RMB

The lipstick of Miao Paris believes that many little fairies are no strangers, and many friends around Xiaobian are also using them. Its lip glaze is densely dense, full of color, and its ability to develop color and lip is very good.

8, KIKO Valentine’s Day limited love lipstick

Reference price: 85RMB

This Valentine’s Day limited lipstick lipstick, captured a large number of girls’ hearts. The quality of KIKO lipstick is no doubt, this limited edition price is not expensive, it is worth starting.

9, dream makeup crayon lipstick

Reference price: 76RMB

The No. 16 bean paste color of Dream Makeup really looks good. I was planted by a friend. After I tried it, I placed the order immediately. Its color is really very positive ~ ~ effect is absolutely not lost big lipstick, the paste texture is soft, looks dry, with a velvety matte, but the upper lip is actually very moist.


How do students choose the lipstick that suits them?

Students choose lipstick. If you are looking for color rendering, you can choose the color of bean paste for plain lipstick. It will not be obvious after thin coating. It is also very daily. For example, Estee Lauder admires lipstick 420, and you can try the lighter color more boldly. Lip Balm, Bideo Charm Lip Balm, moisturizing and natural, gives your lips a very natural matte finish that is more suitable for high school students than bean paste lipstick. For high school students, it is best not to choose a color with too high saturation, such as: red, aunt color, etc., because high school students generally do not allow makeup, even if they use these lipsticks, and they will not be very Matching, and it will seem too mature. Lipsticks come in a variety of colors. The choice of color should be closely related to your own clothing and personal style, so that others can see you are comfortable and make your lips full of vitality and vitality.

Students are suitable for nude makeup, low-key, usually can choose pink or nude lipstick or lip gloss, many lip balm itself is color, it is also suitable for student party. For students, just choose the color of the daily, fresh and lively color can be ~ big name, then Chanel Dior Saint Laurent Givenchy lambskin village show MAC, of ​​course, these are expensive. Revlon’s lipstick and lip glaze 50 or so, clio 珂 Leo’s lipstick is less than 100, Lange’s lipstick lip glaze is about 100. Idy House dyed lip gloss 30 or so, Ity House at that time bloomed within 50 series, Amore long-lasting dyed lip glaze, Amore honey lipstick is more than 30, these are some of what I know, you can refer to ~

How do students paint lipstick?

Shallow: The lipstick used by students must not be too obvious, so it is generally used in a shallow way. Use a lipstick to gently spread on the lips, then apply the lipstick evenly with your fingers. The shallow layer looks great.

Bite the lip: first use the foundation to make a base on the lips, apply the lipstick to the inside of the lips, and gently pat the lipstick with your fingers. Then use a layer of lip gloss to cover the outside of your lips and make your lips look moist. For high school students, although makeup is not recommended, if you apply your favorite lipstick to make you more confident, it is okay to choose a natural lipstick color.

QQ screenshot 20190916101209.jpg

Is bean color suitable for young people?

1, bean color is a relatively light color, painted on the lips is more natural and not abrupt, and can bring out a pure feeling. Suitable for all ages.

2, the lipstick color of the bean paste color is the special color of the nude makeup, because it is more color, looming, neither too obvious, nor pale lips, is the lipstick that the goddess door loves, such as Yang Ying, Fan Bingbing and so on.

3, it is recommended to choose a better bean paste lipstick, a slightly worse lipstick can not achieve the desired effect, there will be a smashing situation.

What color is the lipstick suitable for students?

Canmake high moisturizing lip balm

Vital orange orange, this color is very suitable for the yellow skin and the girl with deep lip color, it will be very white. This orange is not very bright orange, but a bit of dark brownish orange, and the color is not high, after the upper lip is unexpectedly a little pink and tender feeling, it suddenly feels a lot lighter.

Revlon thin tube lipstick pen

Milk color, a very popular color recently, the color of the upper lip and natural comfort, is a wild and unpicked color, the texture is also very moist, just like a colored lip balm, very suitable for the mouth is easy to dry baby.

QQ screenshot 20190916101317.jpg

Wet n wild lipstick

Rose bean color, very suitable for warm yellow skin, is a very temperament of a color, naturally and gas color, whether it is thin or thick coating is very good, very suitable for a natural color lipstick of the student party.

Wonderful Paris Matte Lip Glaze

Cherry sweetheart, listening to the name feels very much the student party, this color is the alternative color of Armani clarinet 505, the color is reddish and the color is very good. Wipe thick, it looks a bit bright, but the thin rub is still very good, no skin, yellow skin can hold.

Wonderful Paris Matte Lip Glaze

Fresh nude powder, this is the best looking pink tone lipstick in Paris matte lip glaze, the color is very pink, it is suitable for a soft girl’s color, rose with a little powder, very daily, the student party is completely used No pressure.

Yue poetry autumn lipstick

The water is red, this is the color of the lipstick is really super nice, the cold water is red, it feels very gentle, whether it is thin coating lip makeup, or thick coating full lip is very glamorous.

Judydoll lip glaze

The grapefruit color, the pink and tender grapefruit color is the best choice for the student party. This Chinese lipstick is really super beautiful. It is thickly coated with a lot of flashes. It looks like a water tob, and immediately becomes a girl. Very translucent.

Maybelline Long Lasting Lipstick

Maple red, it may be a bit old, but the upper lip is really good, huge white, and is a very popular color number, very suitable for use in autumn and winter, cost-effective, definitely worth recommending to the student party!

Colourpop lip glaze

Coral red, is a very gentle daily color lipstick, high saturation, very good application, long-lasting is also very good, basically do not stick to the cup after drying, is a cost-effective lip glaze.

L’Oreal scented glaze lipstick

Bean red, this bean red is a powdery, very gentle color, the texture is very moist, can fill the lip lines very well, this color is basically not picking the skin, strong Amway to the students baby.

It’s really fun to open your pants this summer!

The trousers are definitely one of the hottest items in this summer. Not only are they sought after by the stars, but the key is far more versatile and amazing than our imagination. It is definitely worth having!

The front opening can stretch the leg lines to help you visually appear thin. The design of the side slits makes the legs “wind” and the gas field is two meters eight. If you are confident enough about your leg type, you can try a high-open style, a pair of slender legs and flickering sexy and sultry celebrity dresses.

Why is the popular pants open this summer?

In fact, the opening of the trousers is not a particularly fashionable element, and it is also a fashionable trend to return to sight. According to the principle of moderate skin, the open pants can stretch the leg lines well, and also have a certain leg shape.

In addition, the open trousers have a very significant practical advantage, that is, after adding the placket design, it is definitely far cooler and more comfortable than ordinary trousers, and is more suitable for summer wear.

Therefore, how can a perfect and good thing that is fashionable and functional, so can it not be the most popular trend item in this summer?!

How to choose open pants?

There are quite a few tricks to open this year. There are different styles in the front opening and side opening.

The monotonous pencil pants, the hole-shaped elements and the split-edge elements at the hem of the trousers give the trousers more detail and look. In the summer, with a basic white T, it can be very fashionable and refined.

You don’t need too much decoration, with a pair of good-looking shoes, your ankles and feet are the most eye-catching and best-looking details.

Xiaobian’s favorite is the split of the nine-pointed trousers. It doesn’t need to be too big. A little split is very beautiful.

The most recommended is the side with a zipper, the height of the fork can be adjusted at will, or you can switch without a fork (I won’t tell you, my split pants are zipper)

The slits are matched with the nine-point flared trousers of the big trousers, which are also fluttering in the wind. It is also the effect of “floating” and “looking looming”.

The first thing to note when choosing a trousers is that if your legs are not so thin, you can choose wide-leg open trousers, and the looming styles are a good way to modify the leg shape.

Even if you open the thigh to the thigh, you can achieve the same effect. It is cool and tender.

And if your legs are thin and not long, you can choose a micro-la-opening trousers to increase the visual sense from the calf, more delicate like this with a ruffled design.

Then I suggest that you choose the chiffon material wide-leg pants to have a cool feeling & elegant feeling & fashion sense!

The tops are made of stiffer fabrics such as shirts and jackets, and wide-leg pants are not too over.

Whether it’s shopping or dating, the simple black can eat everything, so you can go out in a second, but also have a burst of fashion sense.

In addition, you should also learn to use the commuter gown to break the single color, choose the bright color top to break the visual fatigue, pink, blue, orange, can increase the feminine sense of femininity, make you look more birdie.

And the leather is also a face cp match, this gas field, it is simply against the sky, there are wood?

The slimming height is the biggest feature of the split pants. Then choose the petite shirt and use the waistline to improve the height. Even a one-meter girl can wear a one-eighth temperament!

Sporty split pants are a special item. The solid color pants have a bright line, plus the elements of the split, chic and versatile, definitely the most popular explosion this year.

Although Bai Baihe’s one-finger Zen is very hot, it is not a glimpse of wearing skill. This year’s hot side stripe pants opened a sly, more youthful.

It can also be matched with stripes, and with white shoes, the feeling of sports is coming, but it is a bit more fashionable than sportswear. LOOK is also praised~

More able to form a casual cp with the sweater, there is no sense of contradiction, it seems to age and look good.

Of course, with a white T-shirt is also versatile, low-key but not lost style, wear and crush passers-by without pressure!

Oversize shirt Open trousers, giving a casual and lazy fashion sense, is a hot look with the current look.

If love has shape, which jewelry will you choose to portray the perfect love in your heart?

The dream is like a dream, and it is a romantic Chinese Valentine’s Day. The gentle air is filled with sweet breath. If the sun is warm and heart-warming, love will come quietly. The perfect love in everyone’s heart has a different look. If love has shape, what kind of lines and colors do you use to describe this precious mind? On this Tanabata, the jeweler and craftsman still used his sincerity to create a jewel, perhaps representing a full bloom, perhaps representing tenderness, and there is always a heart that can hit her.

Love is free. It is broader than the sky and the ocean. It is not subject to any form of restriction. Love is boundless, it does not require any reason, and no specific objects are needed. As long as there is love in the heart, you can express it freely. The language and warmth reveal the temperature of love, which makes people’s heart full of light. This year, Boucheron’s new works of classic design – the Serpent Bohème collection, the Quatre collection and the Jack de Boucheron collection – pay tribute to the different expressions of love.

This Tanabata, as the brand ambassador, Zhou Dongyu expressed love to himself in the past year. She wrote a letter that brought together the harvest and growth of this year into the language of love, folded into a paper plane, and flew to the past. She once doubted herself, but on this way of finding meaning, her acting skills are more advanced, her mind is more mature, her heart is stronger, and her soul is more free. The process of accumulating over the years has created a new self. This letter confessed to the past, accepting the imperfect self and firming the goal, upholding this courage to continue to meet the next challenge and look forward to a better future.

The fourth generation of the PIAGET Piaget family, Mr. Yves Piaget, has a special liking for the graceful “after the flower” rose. His unwavering enthusiasm and love have given birth to a new brand named after him. Variety – Yves Piaget Rose. This unique rose with 80 magnificent petals and rich aromas, born of love, in the name of love, became the muse of Piaget’s watch and jewellery creation, with a constant source of inspiration celebrity dresses.

On the Qixi Festival, Piaget’s launch of the Rose series Tanabata limited edition rose gold bracelet, like a delicate and elegant rose blooms under the warm sun, the romantic love language. The unique double-chain design symbolizes that the companions are accompanied by each other and tell the romantic vows that are unswerving. A single crystal diamond adorns the center of the flower buds, such as love to stop in the heart; another diamond is winding around, silent guardianship becomes the most sincere interpretation of love. The sweetness between the lovers and the deep affection turned into a heart-shaped pattern with a distinctive bracelet, reflecting the swearing of the hand of the hand and the old man.

The mutual ambiguity of each other turns into a romantic memory of the Tanabata Night, recording the intoxicating chapter of love. The Piaget Rose bracelet carefully outlines the layers of petals, and blooms silently between the delicate wrists. Just like the flower language of “Love is to accompany you,” the secret love language is declared. Rose’s bracelets are intertwined with rose vines and white vines, creating a Piaget rose that symbolizes perfect love. The lingering vines inscribed the beautiful memories of the love between the lovers, and weaved each other’s most determined promises.

Love spreads like a tide, misses nowhere, and the inner monologue of “like you” echoes in the ears. The air is filled with the taste of love, and people can’t help but want to dress up and spend the long summer night with you. This summer, Bulgari continued to write the Tanabata love selection, and with you, weaving the dream of midsummer night, in this happy moment, feel the double favor.

A collection of classic elegance and exquisite Divas’ Dream collections, the elegant and elegant fan-shaped design is lightly wrapped around the neck and wrist, revealing the feminine charm of women all the time. As you shine like a diamond, you can’t help but sway the shallow smiles, and the dazzling and charming atmosphere blooms between the gestures.

On the occasion of Tanabata in 2019, CHAUMET Shangmei Paris adds a new work to the Bee My Love Love Nest series. The simple and modern honeycomb shape allows each one to stack and combine as you wish. Either combination can bring a different sense of freshness, and each pair is branded with a unique true-to-life style.

Bee My Love loves the new series of nest series, which is the return of CHAUMET to purely true. Exquisite hive logo, dotted between simple and graceful lines, the shape is relaxed and pleasant, and contains profound meaning; loyal to the true self, free to go, the courage to persist in pursuing the inner thoughts, interpreting the new generation of true power; clever design So that the two rings can no longer be transferred once they are combined, symbolizing love than Jin Jian, rock-solid, pure heart, only to pure you.

This Yao Chen Liu Tao loves the Royal Sister makeup to let you open the gas field

Who do you think of when you talk about the makeup of the Royal Sister? Yao Chen and Liu Tao emerged from Xiao Bian’s mind.

The two also co-produced the magazine cover, deep eye makeup, fascinating bite lip… beautiful to call the police celebrity dresses! ! !

These two actresses are too old in the entertainment circle, but they are not only stationed in the face, but also in acting. When everyone is pursuing the girl’s sense, they use the gas field of the royal sister to bring the entertainment circle. The same beauty.

Both of them are mothers and daughters, and they have all created independent and tough urban female characters on the screen. They discuss time and self together and share the power and wisdom of growth.

In fact, whether you like Xiaohuadan or Daqingyi, the actresses still love the makeup of the royal sister type. The beautiful woman, Di Lieba, was originally squatted with the facial features, and then matched with the makeup of the Royal Sister.

Zhao Liying, who has always been in a sweet style, has disguised her sister’s makeup and subverted everyone’s seriousness towards her. The thick black eyeliner is very horrible, and the full lip color seems to be more aggressive.

Zhang Tian’s royal sister makeup is also full of gassing, and women must be impressed by her handsome and moving charm.

Then, how do you know how to create a sultry and charming sorcerer makeup? Do you know?

Royal sister makeup makeup points

First, the sword eyebrow

In fact, the eyebrow shape is not absolute, it is more important to match your face and temperament. But if you can, a heroic sword eyebrow is definitely a magic weapon for the royal sister makeup.

Second, smoked eye makeup

Smoky makeup is very charming, but also very gas field. So if you want to create a baby with a slut makeup, don’t forget to draw a delicate little smoky makeup to swear!

Third, full of lip makeup

Different from the pink lips that pursue pureness and youthfulness, you must have a rich and full lip color. You are a good choice for red, red and aunt.

Gas field lip makeup tutorial

Step 1: Use a lip liner to outline the lips to create a full, thick lip.

Step 2: Apply the lipstick evenly to the lip line.

Step 3: Use a lip brush to smudge the lips to make the lip makeup more even and natural.

In the face of colorful gems, choosing pearls will never be wrong.

In the 19-year autumn and winter show, LV, Chanel, Burberry, and Dries Van Noten all launched fashionable and novel pearl earrings to meet your various styles and needs. Severe, arrogant, sweet, cool, cool, full of personality, hand in hand.

Earrings were originally the base of pearls. This year’s fashion trend is no exception.

In recent years, the very popular metal big ring earrings, after adding pearl elements, are more elegant and charming in bold exaggeration.

PRABAL GURUNG 2019 spring and summer series show

In the Milan Fashion Week show outside the street shooting, there are large earrings, also adorned with pearls. It not only highlights the atmosphere of large-area metal earrings, but also is compatible with the pearls of the show, and it is matched with the black and white clothing look!

Have you seen the inherent impression of pearls completely subverted? Is it starting to be like me, I feel that there is always one pearl piece in my jewelry box?

Japanese brand Mikimoto is what we are talking about now.

Their home is not only a royal royal jewellery shop in Japan, but also sold overseas. The British royal family and nobles also love to use their pearls.

Mikimoto’s signature is the timeless classic design and top pearls. The pearls of their homes are shiny, light bulbs, subtle interference colors, and just the right beauty.

You can also choose to wear it with other chains according to your own style, and bring out your own taste celebrity dresses.


Mounser is a brand from New York. It is best at combining Baroque pearls with various metal rings and balls to make a cool look and exaggerated boldness and personality.

One of the most popular actresses in Hollywood, Kate Bosworth is a big fan of it, with more than one or two Mounser.

Moreover, the Mounser is really cost-effective, because the asymmetric design, whether worn alone or in pairs, is suitable for each shape.

Simone Rocha

In addition to earrings and necklaces, it is a good idea to hide the pearls in the hair. Whether it’s simple and can’t be simple ponytail, or hair, you can instantly raise the entire makeup several levels. And for Asians who are mostly black-brown hair, pearl hair accessories can also create unique highlights.

The first lady of the United States, Jacqueline, once said: Pearls can never be wrong.

James Harden | Harden is here.

Since the beginning of high school, he has entered the NBA in 2009. The length of Harden’s beard is proportional to his growing average. The title “TheBeard” has been mentioned by the media again and again. It is true that having a nickname that is your own and well-known in the league is a recognition of the player’s popularity. However, compared to “Michae “l Air” Jordan), “Flash” “Wade” (“Flash” Dwayne Wade”, or “Little Emperor” (Lebron “King James”) and “Black Mamba” “The Black Mamba” KobeBryant, Harden’s nickname appears to be too superficial.

So after getting the permission to “do not talk about the beard”, Deng brother shrugged his shoulders and came to a US version of “Beijing Tan”, as if to unload a baggage in the body.

In June, Beijing’s exceptionally hot and humid weather, the sudden appearance of Harden, so that the “temperature” around the fashion building has soared a grade. That day he wore a loose black T-shirt, and Sao Pink’s personal logo was particularly conspicuous, and the same color appeared on the boots on his feet.

“This year I really like pink, lighter.”

After that, Harden looked down at his T-shirt and shoes.

“Like this, maybe… still a little deeper, or it’s too bright…”

Perhaps I felt that I had hit my face, and Deng brother smiled embarrassedly, like a child of 200 kilograms.

He has always had a unique view of fashion, but no matter what style, “Sao” is a must.


How do you describe your style?

Harden: Simple, unique, that’s what I want. I don’t care what others are wearing. If I see a dress and think that it will look good on myself, that is it. In addition, my definition of fashion is to be comfortable.

Is there any style you dare not try?

Harden: There is no such thing. I want to try to see good-looking items, but no matter what clothes, some people will like it or hate it. So I don’t care much about this.

Predict which item will be popular this year?

Harden: This is hard to say. The fashion trends of the past years have been changing and it is a reincarnation. The pants that look like the many fashionable pockets of the past are now popular, as well as tight pants. Right, there are shoes, and now the shoes are getting higher and higher. Just like playing basketball, there are a lot of young and talented fashion designers who are inspired and everyone wants to be the top person in the industry.

Speaking of design, have you designed your own clothes?

Harden: I actually talked to some designers, and I have already worked with several designers to get clothes. When you go to the street and see someone wearing your clothes, it feels really cool. But this is a very time consuming process and you need a very focused investment.

So just create a tide card of your own!

Harden: Maybe, one day in the future.

I heard that Adidas shoes are involved in the design, where is the inspiration?

Harden: Everything in the world is my inspiration, the children on the road, my family… even the fans of this trip to China; they are my inspiration. Once I have inspiration, I will write down my thoughts on the artboard and may create new color combinations and patterns.

James Harden | Harden is here.


Can you have any new color matching under the spoil?

Harden: There are too many colors, really too much. Now the players are very creative, everyone can design a lot of different colors, each color expression expresses their attitude. Of course, the happiest are the fans, because they have more choices.

Do you have your own hand-painted elements on your shoes?

Harden: Last Christmas, I wrote my family’s name on my shoes. I have also painted some other hand-painted designs on the shoes. I have followed my own mind. I think this is cool.

What do you think your soul animal is?

Harden: Dog. I have two dogs. I have only raised dogs and have not raised other pets, such as the exotic pets that have never been raised. I have been raising my dog ​​since I was a child.

What was the most valuable gift you received when you were a child?

Harden: Basketball! That must be basketball haha! It is what made me the present. The gifts that other children received at that time were all video games, but those that were not available for a lifetime.

Remember when I was a teenager and received this gift?

Harden: When I was very young, probably… five or seven or seven years old, my mother gave it to me.

Have you received any gifts recently? For example, friends or fans give you.

Harden: Nothing special, my birthday is coming soon, just in August, I hope I will receive some special gifts at that time! (crazy suggestion)

What do you usually do during the offseason?

Harden: Eat and sleep, relax, and spend time with your family.

I noticed that you were playing CandyCrush when you were resting (a game similar to Xiaole).

Harden: Occasionally play!

Where is the fight?

Harden: That’s it… more than 1000. Having said that, Harden picked up his mobile phone and skillfully opened CandyCrush… After watching him finish the latest level, we finally got the topic back to basketball.

You have almost got all the personal honors you can get. The fans are very much looking forward to leading the team to an NBA championship. Will it be next year?

Harden: Of course, every year our goal is a championship and we hope to win the championship next year.

Who is the strongest opponent of the US team in this year’s basketball World Cup?

Harden: Now all countries are very strong. I have just eaten with my good brother Yao Ming in Beijing. I want to know that he is now the leader of Chinese basketball. I am looking forward to playing against his team.

In the past few days, the style of your Beijing opera costume has caught fire on Chinese social media. Is this the most special style you have ever experienced?

Harden: Haha, I think so, although I don’t know who I am playing, but I think it’s cool, there are wings behind it (actually the flag…)

You have been here many times in the past few years. For China, where is your favorite city, and why?

Harden: I have been to Beijing many times. I like the culture here. The fans are very enthusiastic. The most important thing is to eat well.

What way do you choose to watch the game in the US? TV or mobile phone? Will you interact with fans online?

Harden: Of course, it’s online, so it’s more convenient to interact. In fact, I’ve also seen my black information. It’s you! (pointing to the camera) Be careful! I remember you! Haha.

Chinese fans will witness the journey of leading the US team to open the basketball World Cup in Shanghai. Anything I want to say to the netizens in front of the screen?

Harden: The Chinese team is cheering! The United States is the champion!

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Is it awkward to wear a pearl on your head? No, it’s (you can) stylish

Recently, a group of photos with a pearl card issued by Yan Qingzi was searched hot. The editor blurted out “exquisite! Beautiful!” Two pearl hairpins are the highlight of the whole hairstyle, and echoed with the pearls embroidered on the V-shaped spinning neckline. . Retro and modern, the reviews are praised.

Recently, a group of photos with a pearl card issued by Yan Qingzi was searched hot, and the editor blurted out “exquisite! Beautiful!”

Two pearl hairpins are the highlight of the entire hairstyle and echo the pearls embroidered on the V-shaped spinning neckline. Retro and modern, the reviews are praised. So the editor decided to share with you today the pearl card is a super good get!

In the portrait of the young woman of the Renaissance painter Botticelli, the girl’s hair is wrapped in pearls, and the method of decorating the pearl as a hairstyle has already appeared in the 15th century.

Pearls are good, but don’t be too greedy. If the whole hairstyle is decorated with pearls, it is very chic, but it is too complicated and not suitable for everyday styling.

So ~ this season’s popular pearl hairpin we will look at some simple and good way to match ~ of course, the main reason is because the editor knows that you are lazy!