Join hands with table tennis Paralympic champion Ge Yang Legend of this life “global pass music run” Xiamen burning start

On October 26th, the beautiful “Lucheng” Xiamen was filled with a warm and touching love.

With a crisp starter shot, 2019 “Global Passage Love Run – Legendary Life Charity City Relay” (hereafter referred to as “Global Passage Run”) starts romantically on the coastal road in Xiamen’s East Coast, which is also the legendary life. Run again to pay tribute to the 70th anniversary of the motherland. The reporter noticed at the scene that in this army of more than a thousand people, the leader of the table tennis Paralympic champion Ge Yang. Under the leadership of Ge Yang, “global love runs”, the vitality of the army, the sweat, and the transmission of love celebrity dresses.
According to the reporter’s understanding, in this Xiamen station activity, the legendary life continues to offer love to the disabled groups. The 80,000 yuan donated by the event will be donated to the “Hebei Geyang Public Welfare Foundation” founded by Ge Yang to support The development of sports and sports for children with disabilities.
In this activity of Xiamen Station, Legendary Life also actively implemented the environmental protection concept of “Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan” proposed by President Xi Jinping, responding to the national policy of sustainable development, and innovatively in the world for the first time. In the “Le Run” activity, the environmental protection public welfare element was implanted. With the theme of “garbage reduction”, all participants were urged to “cycle a bottle” throughout the running process to reduce the production of disposable products and consciously sort and recycle waste. Add clean space to Lucheng.

In order to be consistent with the theme of “garbage reduction”, Legend will not provide disposable cups in the recharge area along the running line. After calling the runners to drink the drinking water in the kit, do not discard it first. It is used cyclically when replenishing the station.

In addition, in order to make the “global pass-and-see music” have a more powerful magnetic effect in the society, the legendary life provides a variety of recreational activities such as band performances and bubble balls in the public welfare journey. There are also a variety of themes interactive design, enough to surprise everyone’s circle of friends, a variety of interesting stickers with magical highlights, and will also make Xiamen’s sky more blue with the public!

What surprises everyone is that the legendary life combines with the popular communication technology, and the multi-dimensional presentation method is adopted in the activity process. Not only the aerial photography of the drone is arranged in the air, but also the professional photographer on the ground, which freezes every youthful and youthful Qian Ying…
“Global Passing Love Music” is an annual charity event initiated by the legendary life, and Xiamen is the burning spot in this year’s charity city relay race. It is understood that “Global Passage Love Run” has held 2 stops this year, covering two world-famous metropolises in Shanghai and Guangzhou. The number of fans and runners who participated in the “Ai Le Run” has reached tens of thousands of people. Passionate support from runners and fans. Has become a phenomenon level topic.

It is worth noting that in this Xiamen station, the legendary life specially invited Ge Yang, the 4th champion of the table tennis Paralympic champion, to appear on the Binhai Avenue as the “Special Guest of the Legend of the Life and Love”. “The heron” followed. This is the continuation of the legendary and modern life concept of “helping China’s Paralympic Causes” in Shanghai Station. It is also Ge ​​Yang’s high recognition of the legendary and long-term commitment to charity and public welfare.

As a representative brand among social e-commerce, Legend has a long-term commitment to corporate social responsibility and dedication. Since its inception in 2004, it has been adhering to the brand tenet of “regularization, positive energy, and good reputation”. It creates a platform for excellence for women around the world, bringing more women to the beautiful and beautiful, and fulfilling their entrepreneurial dream of “small lipstick and big cause”. Therefore, the legendary life hopes to make “global love music run” into a non-competitive mass sports activity with the purpose of happiness, health and public welfare, promote urban health management and cultivate the national fitness awareness, and let people feel the city in running. vitality.

The reporter finally learned that this year’s “Global Passage Music” event will close in Sanya on November 9. At that time, Legend will continue to continue the concept of environmental protection, with the theme of “zero waste”, calling on the whole people to establish the concept of “I am doing environmental protection scavengers”, first set up the awareness of garbage sorting and recycling, and also the harmony of a sea of ​​blue sand in Sanya. Living Environment.

Concentrate on strength, hold high the banner of love, follow the legendary life, run out of energy, run out of happiness, run out of the wonderful.

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