The sand carving temperament makes you and I are closer, and the happy source Luo Zhixiang distributes more happiness.

On October 24, 2019, with the first video, the most powerful (strong) male dance group in China was born! Very (very) attractive, is really (real) can hang a lot of now bursting men’s team, dance skills very nice (good), I really have been shocked (shocked)!

        In the video, we saw the most beautiful dance of the men’s team. They said that the second one would dare to call the first, including those famous Korean groups. they are!

        Sorry a little excited, let us calm down and have a good look! Luo Zhixiang and? Take a closer look, only Luo Zhixiang? ! Yes, the pig’s Nth play is dancing with his Zhu Bishi.

        The video immediately exploded several platforms, and the sound was liked. Netizens have expressed their feelings that “Luo Zhixiang has a mental hospital in his heart.”

        Luo Zhixiang can be said to embark on the peak of life after entering the vibrato. This star loves the DOU list. I don’t see TOP1 changed every time I open it celebrity dresses.

        I seriously doubt that he is thinking about how to beat the list when he has nothing in his usual life. This domineering signature is no one. Super-confident “all-round artist” “Who is the strongest vibrating sand sculpture is my own Luo Zhixiang.”

        It seems that Luo Zhixiang is inspirational in the first move. Prior to this, in the “Extreme Challenge”, the women’s clothing won the title of the snake and the beautiful pig Zhu Bishi, and those famous scenes will now laugh when they think of it.

        After the vibrato, the sand sculpture is played to the extreme, and the most eye-catching is the content of the drama and the dance.


        A costumed bucket, expression of willfulness, exaggerated interpretation of the er, the name of what is called the body (pound), I think (perfect) very perfect (perfect).

        The male and female role-playing “have to love”, which pretends to look at each other, this facial effect, added together is really a must.

        There are also makeup brushes as smoke, paper towels as smoke, and immersive interpretation of Andy Lau’s “forget the water”, who sees who laughs bald.

        As well as the strength of the interpretation of Lin Yuyu’s sister and Jia Baoyu’s angry fragments, this layer of progressive emotional interpretation only wants to say that there is a play, there is a play, there is a play!

Dance articles

        But almost all the sand sculpture videos will be combined with the dance. In the backstage of Happy Camp, the black headscarf wears red flowers and swayes, and the sand sculptures are beautiful. This group of dances stepped on the point very well, every point is just right, the facial expressions feel like a direct spray.

And without special effects, he can also play crazy!

        Netizens have exclaimed: “At one time, I suspected that the vibrato was born for him.” “Read it every day, prevent unhappiness.” With these small videos opened by the brain, the pigs harvested waves of passers-by powder.

Don’t look at our little pigs, the whistle is enough to play, and the people’s vibrato only pays attention to one person, that is, the female pottery friend Zhou Yangqing, and the two people often do a dance video with strong rhythm.

        Luo Zhixiang is also an old man in the entertainment circle. He is paying attention to the noble circles set up by various people. The more he plays, the more he plays, the more he plays, the more he is connected. The Luo Zhixiang is a clear stream.

        The straight and real stars have countless fans all the way. For example, Li Ronghao has always been a super straight boy, except for the whole point that Yang Weilin made a microblog and sent it four times to pay for the work.

        Recently, I participated in the “Good Voice of China” and it was even more hilarious. Self-recommendation with the students, close to the hometown, was exposed by Harlem.

        Li Ronghao’s classmates explained very vividly, from the Huaihe River in Anhui Province, rowing a boat to Lijiang.

        Wang Lihong on the side couldn’t help but laugh, what kind of brain hole does Li Ronghao have?

        Wei Daxun’s slamming the door with his variety show is slowly becoming well known. Please eat 300 pieces of buffet, send LV’s bag to Jing Boran, and there is a bear sent by the fans. Hahahaha Daxun, you are too cute!

And the good sister band on the show, the fellows mentioned together to help write songs, Wei Daxun of Tuen Mun can not write in white, let us look at this technique, this way, clearly said: a little cheap do not want to occupy me Cheap!

        I asked Wang to eat that time, and I was moved to people. I saw Daxun for the first time. As a result, I ordered two plates of meat and brought two plates. This is what the laugh to suffocate.

        Peng Yuchang exclaimed “the lamb that comes with him”, and at the end of the day, the program group bought a single hahaha, Wei Daxun, and the buckle did not need to be washed, it was a good drop! More will live!

        There is also Peng Yuchang, laughing at him fat, he is a stupid, the show is endless to eat hahaha, do not care.

        When it comes to acting, I honestly say that I have not had a kiss, and the whole network has asked him for a kiss.

        Luo Zhixiang’s sand sculpture, Li Ronghao’s embarrassment, Wei Daxun’s deduction, Peng Yuchang’s embarrassment… all let netizens offer knees and flowers, really do not, the circle is countless.

Whether it is a person or a real character, the sand sculpture, the iron shovel, the little prince of the Tuen Mun…the feelings are very pleasing, giving people a very close feeling of the people, it will lose the high sense of distance of many stars, instead of Like Jiang One Yan, it will be literary, and it will be art, but also take the top design award, so it’s so boring! The sand sculptures will only make the audience in front of the screen more likely to have a good impression. They can invisibly encircle a lot of young powder. After all, the smiles of our young people are contracted by themselves

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