At the age of 8 he became a fashion blogger. Also known as the “female version of the small GD”

Which social platform do you usually go to when you have time? Xiaobian recently found a red blogger on Instagram, wearing Supreme, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Gucci, Vans and The Kids Supply. In fact, these are all good, the most important thing is that she is only 8 years old this year. Is a bit after 10!

The little girl from Japan, named Coco Hamamatsu, became a fashion blogger at a young age. She was called “female version GD”, and her outstanding fashion taste hangs the “pseudo-fashion” adults.

When Coco Hamamatsu was born three months ago, because of the great earthquake in Fukushima, her parents took her to Tokyo. By the way, she opened a fashion store called Funktique in Harajuku, which opened her fashion path. It is.

For example, Coco Hamamatsu, who is only 8 years old this year, can be said to be the hottest fashion blogger in Japan. With a style of dressing up, he has almost become a trendy boy in Harajuku, and is one of the fashions on Instagram. Icon, sitting on 650,000 fans

The reason why she can get so many fans is that she can always dress more fashionable than others, and her parents are very keen to dress up for her, and take photos and upload them online to share her fashion wear. Let her be a well-deserved little fashionista celebrity dresses.

What color, pockets, exaggerated glasses, these fashion elements are not afraid of Coco Hamamatsu, and she is not only fashionable, she is also full of Pose, and the show is showing a domineering side, people can not help By her charm to attract the past.

The influence of Coco Hamamatsu is not limited to the niche group. Even many adults have followed her fashion style to learn from it. Even the major brands have extended an olive branch to her. He has been shooting for Moncler for two consecutive years and has also appeared on the Japanese version of ELLE magazine.

I also took photos with Net Red Watanabe, and there was nothing wrong with the concave shape. She was already eccentric about the fashion trend at a young age. Basically, all the wearers were their own ideas, but she was on a personal social platform. The wearing style is still being shared without interruption.

Even the earthy leopard coats are holdable, with a pink color, and they are dressed as a street hipster.

GUCCI sweater with green Lei Feng hat is really a bit of GD shadow!

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