Autumn and winter boots with a good style of skirts look good wearing long boots visual height 5cm

Autumn and winter boots with a good style of skirts look good? Ordinary female friends can wear long boots, then her body is absolutely good, or she will match, looks very comfortable, then how to match the boots high What kind of skirt is good for boots?

What kind of skirt is good for boots?

1, gray boots + sweater dress

As one of the most popular items in winter, the sweater dress is absolutely classic and stylish with our boots. The waist-designed sweater dress and the over-the-knee gray boots are a classic combination of styles. Fully interpret what is the feeling of long legs, and then put on a smoky blue coat, so the role of the finishing touch, add a high highlight for the body celebrity dresses.

2, black boots + denim skirt

If you practice a cold-resistant instinct, then try to match it with a light blue denim skirt. You can instantly highlight your long legs. The top is a simple black short coat with a pair of long feet. The boots are against each other, very handsome and slim, and there is a strong overall layering in the visual, so that you can also be a temperament goddess in winter.

3, red boots + pleated skirt

It is said that this year’s popular pleated skirts, this skirt is not only wild and thin, the key is not to pick the body, like this red elegant pleated skirt with our red boots, especially feminine The upper body is very handsome, and the magicality creates a feeling of long legs below the waist, which makes you both sweet and sweet.

4, black boots + black bag hip leather skirt

The hip skirt is a skirt that many women like. If it is not matched with the boots in the winter, it is really a waste. The black knee-length hip skirt is just the same as the knee-length boots. Very good, instantly can bring us a slim and tall figure in the visual, put the inside into the skirt, you can also stretch the waist line to create a long-legged look.

5, silver boots + umbrella skirt

Silver boots, in the dull winter, must be the most absorbing color, although its color is bright and chic, but with our umbrella skirt, the color will not look very awkward, the color combination It can also be sweet and elegant, that is, it is fashionable and warm, and it can add a lot to the personal temperament.

6, black boots + gold velvet irregular skirt

The gray irregularly-cut gold velvet skirt is also a favorite item for winter girls. The sleek lace-up design has a slim upper body and then a pair of classic wild black boots. Divided into a hundred can show the slender legs, let you wear a tall figure of one meter seven, afraid of cold and a long coat jacket, so the perfect color combination, the street will become a beautiful scenery in the winter.

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