How to match the boys’ overalls, it’s important to wear shoes.

How do men’s overalls look good? Tooling shorts are a favorite item for many boys in the summer. It is between formal and casual. You can switch between styles according to different combinations. What do boys wear when they wear work shorts? Shoes look good?

How to match the boys’ overalls?

First, three-dimensional multi-pocket tooling shorts

This overalls is designed with a belt strap that adjusts to the tightness with a belt, and allows men to show a unique manly style. The feet can be paired with a pair of brown Martin boots. The tops can be paired with black sweaters in spring and autumn. In the summer, you can wear a simple T-shirt. This combination perfectly shows the heroic spirit of the bloody man celebrity dresses.

Second, loose wash multi-pocket tooling shorts

Men’s pants, the version is cut loose and three-dimensional, with a drop-out design to wear a very casual. Made of high-quality cotton, it is soft and wear-resistant. The solid color surface is enhanced by the washing process, and the multi-pockets are added to the level, which is full of street work style. The overall line is smooth and fine, highlighting the brand’s craftsmanship.
Third, tiger pattern camouflage casual pants

This men’s shorts is made from pure cotton twill and is soft and strong. It is treated with a water washing process to enhance the comfort and texture. The short version is straight and straight, and the upper body is very casual and very versatile. The tiger’s camouflage fashion is eye-catching, and the side strips are full of personality. The multi-pocket design highlights the tooling range, and the rolled-up cuffs are richly layered for a more cool look.

Fourth, men’s street camouflage shorts

Camouflage has always been a long-lasting trend element, and it has its origins in the military uniforms, but also makes it more tough. And this shorts, plus camouflage based on the tooling elements, like a large pocket design, durable and practical wear, casual with a T-shirt in the summer can be handsome out of the street. Coupled with the overall comfortable fabric and slightly loose fit, the wearing comfort can be said to be very high.

Five, large pocket tooling shorts

The camouflage print under the heavy-duty washing process reveals a very strong retro feeling, and the emphasis on the realistic design style adds a tough sense of lines to the pants. The large pockets representing the tooling attire enhance the layering of the trousers, and the five-pants style perfectly shows the fluent lines of the legs and is cool and handsome.

Six, street dead fly skateboard camouflage tooling shorts

The fashion draw is added by the personality drawstring, and the waistband is tailored to the human body. With comfortable and breathable cotton fabric, the avant-garde camouflage design makes plain pants no longer monotonous. In this season, you may need such camouflage and cool for a summer.

Seven, BDCT Europe and the United States tide brand tooling shorts

Tough and casual street temperament, military style is strong, practicality is good. In the summer, the high-speed outfit style of the tooling shorts not only has a tough and unique versatile effect, but also the multi-pocket design is practical.

What kind of shoes are good for boys’ overalls?

Tooling shorts with canvas shoes

Tooling shorts is a very magical item. It is a different style with different clothing and shoes. First of all, boys can choose to use it with canvas shoes when wearing tooling shorts. Like the most classic vans or Converse on the street, it is very feel. As for the choice of high or low, everyone depends on their height.

Tooling shorts with Loafers

Tooling shorts and Lok Fu shoes will look a lot more formal, giving a very gentleman is very refined, the length of the pants is recommended to be above the knee, so the effect will be better, shallow mouth Lok Fu shoes let you The calf muscles are more beautiful and very attractive to men.

Tooling shorts with sandals and slippers

In fact, many boys feel that wearing sandals or slippers is not a very cool thing, but its practical sandals and slippers are very suitable for the style of the holiday style. It is a very standard summer style, and the whole person is special. Comfortable, stylish and comfortable, what are you hesitating?

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