The opening of the 12th Beijing Youth Theatre Festival, the fashion liquor crosses the border and opens the drama tour

On November 1, 2019, hosted by the Beijing Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the Beijing Committee of the Communist Youth League, the China National Theatre, the Beijing Dramatists Association and the Beijing Youth Theatre Workers Association, the 12th Beijing International Youth Theatre Festival, Grand opening at the National Theatre. “Anna Karenina”, directed by the Russian artist Alexander Garibin, became the opening drama of the Beijing International Youth Theatre Festival. Anna, who is called “Russian Soul”, is Anna. Galicina, the performance of tension, the sleek lighting and the stage effect, deeply shocked the audience.

Founded in 2008, the Beijing International Youth Theatre Festival, led by the pioneering drama director Meng Jinghui, is dedicated to promoting the growth and exchange of youth drama. After more than ten years of development, it has become a world stage for youth dramas to collide and show themselves. With the theme of “cultivating young creative talents and launching outstanding young dramas”, this drama festival promotes the diversification and international development of youth dramas with the key words of “future, creativity, hope and dream”.

Also on the same day was the sponsor of the Beijing Youth International Drama Festival, which is good at “dramatic” cross-border innovation of “Youth” Guanyun Liquor. This time, Guanyun brought two special customized products to the Beijing International Youth Theatre Festival: “Anna Karenina” and the theme version of the drama festival. The Anna version is full of impact, and the drama version is full of youth and vitality celebrity dresses.

Guanyun Liquor is the emerging fashion liquor brand that rises in China’s liquor industry this year. It continues to break through the liquor industry in terms of drinking experience, product ritual feeling, fashion sense of time, creative impact, cross-border surprise and other aspects. The boundaries of the past have caused dramatic changes in the traditional industries and products in the eyes of liquor. In the top activities such as the 25th Anniversary Celebration of Fashion Group and the Spring Festival Gala Dinner of “One Belt, One Road” Ambassador, Chinese and foreign people were shocked by the development of Chinese liquor.

For this cooperation with the Beijing International Youth Theatre Festival, Guan Yun said that drama and wine are like a pair of twin brothers. Whether it is from the sacrificial activities of humans before the birth of the drama, or the Dionysian theme still active on the stage today, drama and wine have a natural connection. Prior to this, Guan Yun also had in-depth cooperation with Chen Kaige’s “The Demon Cat Biography” and Guo Fan’s “The Wandering Earth”. This collaboration with the Beijing International Youth Theatre Festival finally brought drama and wine together in a dramatic way. Watch the show, get to know yourself, or drink a glass of wine and become someone else.

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