Even why Shiman has taken the initiative to play CALL’s light eye cream, where is it?

“Panda Eye” once plagued a lot of Miss Meijie sisters, especially for those who stayed up late to work, the increasingly dark circles made everyone very distressed, so which kind of eye cream to dark circles to edema and wrinkle effect comparison Ok?

There are various reasons for the formation of dark circles. This is not only related to life and work, but also related to pigmentation and vascular function. Among them, dark circles caused by poor blood circulation, blood color Dark circles caused by darkness, and the common dark circles we need in peacetime need to be treated differently. The dark circles that we often appear in normal life are mostly dark circles caused by pigmentation, which is the “panda eye” often caused by day and night celebrity dresses.

For female celebrities, it is common for all kinds of shooting programs to turn around and often stay up all night, so the care of the eye skin is definitely the top priority. After all, once the eyes appear dark circles and small lines, facing the lens is like 10 years old! The acting skills of the stars also need to be blessed with “eye skills”, and naturally there is no less effort in eye care.

Recently, Charmaine shared his eye cream in the Maldives’ journey, which is the following “one minute KO fine lines”: 椿溪香抚纹眼精霜.

Where is it good? Let me see what the maiden said.

After seeing the planting of the goddess, Xiao Bian can’t wait to start. Let’s try it out for everyone. Is it really so good!

Many net red people call it “one-minute eye cream”, which is mainly effective for quick wrinkle resistance in short periods of time and is especially effective for fine-grained dark circles. This eye cream is between the cream and the lotion. It is generally very thin. I worry that the baby with long fat particles in the eye after rubbing the eye cream can put this concern down. Xiao Bian also suggested that you can take a eye massage at the same time as applying eye cream, which is very effective for eliminating dark circles.

Everyone knows that caffeine has a fat burning component, which can promote microcirculation of eye fat and blood, eliminate excess edema and fat accumulation, thereby achieving the effect of diminishing dark circles and improving eye bags. Many big-name eye creams add caffeine. Eye cream is no exception, so baby who wants to go to dark circles must look for it when buying eye cream!

In addition to caffeine, Xiao Bian also saw the same ingredients on the ingredient list of international big-name anti-wrinkle eye cream – retinol, acetyl hexapeptide, these two ingredients can be described as “wrinkle buster”, for the lightening of the fine lines around the eyes Dry lines are very effective. In terms of composition alone, this eye cream is indeed a sincere and full of domestic eye cream compared to many big brands with a single functional ingredient. It is no wonder that Charmaine has given the fans a strong grass! Girls with dark circles and eye lines, use them with aunts!

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