Liu Wen has not talked about love? Live her so much!

This is a trivial person, accidentally caught in the big stage of fashion. I am still a trivial self, carrying too much concern. ”

In the latest issue of “Amazing Life 2”, PC sauce finally waited for Liu Wen.

This time, Aya took Liu Wen into the Arctic Circle and opened an expedition tour at the Svalbard Archipelago. The desert island was gold-plated, the Arctic Ocean was riding the wind and the waves, the Arctic wilderness trek, and the glacier passed by…. .. This journey full of rough and primitive vitality, let some netizens call “I want to pack the horse to the North Pole!”

However, the scenery is beautiful again, and the journey is surprising, but it is not enough for everyone to pay too much attention to Liu Wen. After the program was broadcast, from #刘雯真# to #刘雯 said that she had not talked about love#, the public showed an unprecedented “care” for Liu Wen’s personal feelings celebrity dresses.

01 A person is very good, and can’t escape loneliness.

In the program, Liu Wen said, “I never talked about love,” let the netizen blast the pot, but also gave a lot of CP powder to the head, crushing the pink reverie of the year.

Netizens began to talk differently. “As a pomegranate powder of the year, it was a bit difficult to flatten.” “I really think that she and Cui Shiyuan are super-matched. It is really a pity that they are not together.” “She refused to talk about her character thousands of miles away.” it’s common”……

And a woman who is thinking about her work, when talking to people on the show, frankly that the work occupies all her life, she is like a snail, always flies to different countries and cities, taking pictures, catwalks, interviews and cycles. It is also because of “The Adventures of Life 2” that the first camping in life was opened.

Time, freedom, for her, I am afraid it is too extravagant, so I can’t help but leave tears when I see the agent’s text message:

Enjoy the three days without outside disturbances and the first camping in your life.

When energy is devoted to work, when work fills up life, it is really difficult to have enough time to find a person, to know a person, and it is no wonder that she will jokingly say “work is her boyfriend.”

Although the mouth said “one person lives very well”, but because the director said “not because you do not want to find a boyfriend, because you can not find, your happiness is only because of your selective memory.” Again, tears, it seems that no one can escape in the matter of loneliness.

Even if the inner belief is firm, I will feel from time to time that “no one will share, and one person will be lonely.”

02 In the face of “love,” she bravely

Liu Wen once shared a paragraph: When asked for directions on the streets of Paris, I met a handsome guy who communicated with a lame English for a long time. The other party simply sent her to her destination. When the other party asked to leave a phone call to invite her to dinner, She has run away nervously…

However, she also tried to understand a person, to accept a person, to feel the taste of love.

I still remember that in the variety show “We Love Each Other” for 15 years, Liu Wen and Cui Shiyuan’s “Pomegranate CP” harvested a large amount of CP powder due to various high-sweet interactions, and even PC sauce became one of them.

From the beginning of the date to the end of the three-month screen love, whether the two have become a mystery in the hearts of fans. After all, the eyes are the easiest window to sell emotions, and in the sweetness that Liu Wen can’t hide, PC sauce is always confused: Is the cousin really tempted?

The first sweet date, the cousin is like a girl in love, happy in words.

Will make a bowl of longevity noodles for him to sneak into the kitchen.

In the face of a sudden first kiss, such youth and shyness are really too real.

The departure code of the airport is full of reluctance, but there is still a hug to comfort.

And the final love farewell, the heart is constantly surging and sad.

After the separation, Liu Wen looked back at the two people along the way, and couldn’t help but shed tears. Many people questioned: “Everyone is very acting,” but in PC sauce, she finally took the courage. step.

From the beginning of the shyness to the doubts in the middle to the final persistence and initiative, we saw an incomparably true and sincere Liu Wen, she tried to put down the defense to contact a well-informed person to experience the taste of love.

Therefore, it is not difficult for us to understand the kind of shyness and slowness in her program. She let us see the stunned side of a girl in love, not the side of the star full of aura.

03 Liu Wen: Never set limits for life

Mentioned Liu Wen, many people know that she is the light of the national model, is a supermodel, and called her a “cousin”, but she never gave herself a label, set up a person.

Even Weibo certification is just a simple four words: model Liu Wen, when fans meet her, they also laughed that they are Liu Wen’s “cousin.”

Because of her chance to enter the modeling industry, she has paid a lot of hard work and hard work that many people don’t know. Fortunately, she has already ushered in the highlights of life.

In 2009, she was the first Asian model to board the Wei Mi show, and in the same year’s autumn and winter fashion week, she won 72 big shows.

In 2012, she was named “China’s first real supermodel” by The New York Times.

In 2014, he was listed on the Forbes Global Model Income List and tied for the third place with Miranda Kerr. In the same year, he was selected into the MDC “New Supers” global new supermodel list, becoming the first Asian model to enter the “New Supers” list.

Not to mention her appearance in various magazine covers and brand endorsements. When some supermodels return to the family, they marry into the giants, and she, without background, no backing, relying on all the way diligent and conscientious, step by step to refresh the height of the Asian supermodel, and stick to her supermodel road.

In the face of these deserved honors, no one has ever questioned: Why is she?

Because 31-year-old Liu Wen is living her own adventure life! Humble attitude, calm mind, such Liu Wen, deserve to be so good.

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