37-year-old Korean actress sand sculpture with baby daily! Do not play in the house to be funny, but also hot network?

For girls, the most worrying thing after marriage is that after being a wife and mother, the youthful years are not mediocre and boring, especially in modern society, the pressure to raise children is not small.

Recently, there was a group of very hot photos of the baby on the ins, and the sand sculptures brought the nets to the netizens to laugh and stop!

This group of sand sculptures with a picture of a baby, from a Korean mother, because the pressure of the baby is too big, she vented in the back of the child, in the photo, the baby sits quietly in his stroller, a small face Expression, very cute.

Behind him was an “excessively active”, so that the violent mother who couldn’t take a clear figure, danced wildly for a while, and sang a song later.

Looking at the violent mother, the shawl is distributed, and the self is madly released. Can you imagine that the style of painting before her birth is like this?

The woman on the photo, named Li Meidu, is a Korean actress. She has participated in many popular Korean dramas and has many fans who belong to her own. It can be said that she is a quite successful woman in her career.

What many people don’t know is that Li Meidu, who was born in 1983, has 36 this year, but her body and skin condition are still in the state of a frozen-age girl. She is elegant and generous in front of the camera, and the magazine cover is sexy and charming.

Until last year, Li Meidu was pregnant and gave birth to a novice mother, which made her officially bid farewell to the glamorous, free and comfortable life. The hard-working baby occupied all of her life. For this reason, she reduced the workload and put more time. And energy into the family, accompanying his son to grow up.

When I was a mother, Meidu knew how difficult it is to take care of a child. Besides the children’s eating, sleeping, washing, and a lot of housework waiting for you, in addition to daily eating and drinking, it is more important to be good. Educate him celebrity dresses.

In short, with the baby to keep a multi-purpose, always stare at the child, while working, while looking back at the child, so as not to ask the child what problem, then she really felt that the baby at home really did not imagine So easy, it is no harder to make money to raise a family.

After the son was 1 year old, he began to become mischievous, which made the beauty become very distressed. In order to vent the troubles of carrying the baby, she brought a mischievous son to share the various violent behaviors online.

Release the nature in the pool, go to the video game city to play the game console behind the son, when the home is relieved, open the bottle of wine and roots, and then come to a deep water bomb, and when you drink it, sing a song again, so unhappy!

As long as she is behind her son, she will always be the over-active mother, so that she has forgotten the helpless son next to her, and for her mother’s sand sculpture style, this cute baby seems to be used to it.

For Li Meidu, bringing a baby is not only a matter of honing physical strength, but also a matter of tempering spiritual willpower. She feels that if she feels pressure, she must not accumulate in her heart, and the venting should still be vented.

Life with a baby is busy and nervous, and it is inevitable that there will be fatigue and collapse, and even easy to lose self, but from these pressures, Li Meidu learned to adjust himself, give himself enough private space, and learn better. Enjoy the mother and child life.

Mothers like Mido must not only take care of their own careers, but also take care of their families, take on the responsibility of having children, and face pressure from society and family.

In addition to themselves, dads should also be more responsible, give more care, when they feel exhausted, have a solid shoulder to rely on ~

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