Leading the new trend of home, COSMOliving brand officially entered China

On October 30, 2019, COSMOliving, an international brand that led the new home fashion, held a brand launch conference in Guangzhou and officially announced its landing in China. The brand launch conference was jointly organized by Hearst Group, Fashion Media Group, DOREL Group and Lin’s Wood.

As the demand for luxury homes continues to grow in the Chinese market, young women are increasingly becoming the main purchasing power. They are eager for a stylish home brand that reflects their modern life. Traditional home design is incompatible with the lifestyle of these emerging consumers. COSMOliving is derived from the high-end positioning of COMOPOLITAN magazine brand but it is practical and inexpensive. It is regarded as the new generation of youth home fashion vane celebrity dresses .

“Fun and Fearless” is interesting and COSMOliving; there is personality and vitality is COSMOliving; there is attitude and style is COSMOliving.

If “COSMOPOLITAN” represents clothing and appearance aesthetics, COSMOliving represents the inner home aesthetic. The concept of COSMOliving is: “Let life be more beautiful.” Life is the stage for everyone. We must not only express ourselves in social situations, but also define ourselves from the bits and pieces of life. The higher appeal of aesthetics, quality, and even life philosophy on the practical function makes COSMoliving perfectly fit the new trend of the Chinese home market.

Cosmoliving branded homes benefit from Cosmopolitan’s unique international positioning, and Steve Ross, global chief license officer and head of brand development at Hearst Magazines, said: “Cosmopolitan magazine promotes modern fashion in various forms. Femininity, the Cosmoliving home that was born with this magazine, is beautiful and functional, and the exquisite design is the core of every piece of work, so that ‘Cosmo’ readers of different ages can use their living space as their own. “Extension of the personal wardrobe.”

The Dorel Group selected Lin’s Wood as the first partner of the Cosmoliving brand in China. Steve Wahrhaftig, vice president of home furnishing at Dorel, points out that “Lin Wood is known for its expertise in home and its reputation for excellent customer service. We are happy to invite Lin Wood. As an important partner to launch the Cosmoliving brand, you can purchase Cosmoliving products at Tmall’s official Lin’s Wood Furniture flagship store.”

Norman Braunstein, president of Dorel Group’s Home Department, points out that “Cosmoliving is one of the most influential brands launched by Dorel Home. CosmoLiving is reaching out to a new consumer group who appreciates the home that reflects their longing for lifestyle. Products. Dorel is pleased to work with top partners such as Fashion Group, Hearst Group and Lin Wood to bring this exciting brand to the Chinese market.”

About Fashion Group

Fashion Group is one of the most well-known media companies in China. There are many magazine brands that are well-known in China, such as “Fashion Cosmopolitan”, “Mr. Fashion”, “Fashion Home” and so on. It also founded famous social events such as charity nights and beautiful festivals.

About Dorel Group

Dorel Home is one of the largest furniture companies in North America. Dorel Industries is a global consumer product design and manufacturing company from North America that designs and manufactures three areas: youth, household goods, and bicycles. The product design and global sourcing that lead the international fashion trend make the Cosmoliving brand have the latest fashion trends and high quality, while providing Chinese consumers with very affordable prices.

About Hearst Group

Hearst is one of the largest diversified media, information and services companies in the United States. Hearst attracts more monthly readers than other publishers. Hearst magazine’s print and digital media reach 139 million readers and website visitors per month, accounting for more than two-thirds of the nation’s total female population, nearly three-quarters of which are a new generation of women (source: 2017 comscore multi-platform/mri 01-18/f17). The company has 25 publications in the United States and has published nearly 300 editions and 200 websites around the world.

About Lin’s Wood Industry

Lin’s Wood Industry, founded in 2007, is affiliated to Foshan Chenglin Furniture Co., Ltd. It is an Internet furniture enterprise integrating professional R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales. Lin’s wood industry has always been based on precise big data operations, serving more than 5.5 million homes, creating more for consumers through multi-style furniture categories, professional intimate home services, and easy and convenient shopping experience. A wonderful way of life.

12 years of operation and development, actively explore the road of new retail development of furniture, as of August 2019, Lin’s wood industry has a total of 235 offline stores. Breakthroughs in achieving milestones in the industry have become one of the iconic brands of Internet furniture.

Autumn and winter boots with a good style of skirts look good wearing long boots visual height 5cm

Autumn and winter boots with a good style of skirts look good? Ordinary female friends can wear long boots, then her body is absolutely good, or she will match, looks very comfortable, then how to match the boots high What kind of skirt is good for boots?

What kind of skirt is good for boots?

1, gray boots + sweater dress

As one of the most popular items in winter, the sweater dress is absolutely classic and stylish with our boots. The waist-designed sweater dress and the over-the-knee gray boots are a classic combination of styles. Fully interpret what is the feeling of long legs, and then put on a smoky blue coat, so the role of the finishing touch, add a high highlight for the body celebrity dresses.

2, black boots + denim skirt

If you practice a cold-resistant instinct, then try to match it with a light blue denim skirt. You can instantly highlight your long legs. The top is a simple black short coat with a pair of long feet. The boots are against each other, very handsome and slim, and there is a strong overall layering in the visual, so that you can also be a temperament goddess in winter.

3, red boots + pleated skirt

It is said that this year’s popular pleated skirts, this skirt is not only wild and thin, the key is not to pick the body, like this red elegant pleated skirt with our red boots, especially feminine The upper body is very handsome, and the magicality creates a feeling of long legs below the waist, which makes you both sweet and sweet.

4, black boots + black bag hip leather skirt

The hip skirt is a skirt that many women like. If it is not matched with the boots in the winter, it is really a waste. The black knee-length hip skirt is just the same as the knee-length boots. Very good, instantly can bring us a slim and tall figure in the visual, put the inside into the skirt, you can also stretch the waist line to create a long-legged look.

5, silver boots + umbrella skirt

Silver boots, in the dull winter, must be the most absorbing color, although its color is bright and chic, but with our umbrella skirt, the color will not look very awkward, the color combination It can also be sweet and elegant, that is, it is fashionable and warm, and it can add a lot to the personal temperament.

6, black boots + gold velvet irregular skirt

The gray irregularly-cut gold velvet skirt is also a favorite item for winter girls. The sleek lace-up design has a slim upper body and then a pair of classic wild black boots. Divided into a hundred can show the slender legs, let you wear a tall figure of one meter seven, afraid of cold and a long coat jacket, so the perfect color combination, the street will become a beautiful scenery in the winter.

At the age of 8 he became a fashion blogger. Also known as the “female version of the small GD”

Which social platform do you usually go to when you have time? Xiaobian recently found a red blogger on Instagram, wearing Supreme, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Gucci, Vans and The Kids Supply. In fact, these are all good, the most important thing is that she is only 8 years old this year. Is a bit after 10!

The little girl from Japan, named Coco Hamamatsu, became a fashion blogger at a young age. She was called “female version GD”, and her outstanding fashion taste hangs the “pseudo-fashion” adults.

When Coco Hamamatsu was born three months ago, because of the great earthquake in Fukushima, her parents took her to Tokyo. By the way, she opened a fashion store called Funktique in Harajuku, which opened her fashion path. It is.

For example, Coco Hamamatsu, who is only 8 years old this year, can be said to be the hottest fashion blogger in Japan. With a style of dressing up, he has almost become a trendy boy in Harajuku, and is one of the fashions on Instagram. Icon, sitting on 650,000 fans

The reason why she can get so many fans is that she can always dress more fashionable than others, and her parents are very keen to dress up for her, and take photos and upload them online to share her fashion wear. Let her be a well-deserved little fashionista celebrity dresses.

What color, pockets, exaggerated glasses, these fashion elements are not afraid of Coco Hamamatsu, and she is not only fashionable, she is also full of Pose, and the show is showing a domineering side, people can not help By her charm to attract the past.

The influence of Coco Hamamatsu is not limited to the niche group. Even many adults have followed her fashion style to learn from it. Even the major brands have extended an olive branch to her. He has been shooting for Moncler for two consecutive years and has also appeared on the Japanese version of ELLE magazine.

I also took photos with Net Red Watanabe, and there was nothing wrong with the concave shape. She was already eccentric about the fashion trend at a young age. Basically, all the wearers were their own ideas, but she was on a personal social platform. The wearing style is still being shared without interruption.

Even the earthy leopard coats are holdable, with a pink color, and they are dressed as a street hipster.

GUCCI sweater with green Lei Feng hat is really a bit of GD shadow!

The sand carving temperament makes you and I are closer, and the happy source Luo Zhixiang distributes more happiness.

On October 24, 2019, with the first video, the most powerful (strong) male dance group in China was born! Very (very) attractive, is really (real) can hang a lot of now bursting men’s team, dance skills very nice (good), I really have been shocked (shocked)!

        In the video, we saw the most beautiful dance of the men’s team. They said that the second one would dare to call the first, including those famous Korean groups. they are!

        Sorry a little excited, let us calm down and have a good look! Luo Zhixiang and? Take a closer look, only Luo Zhixiang? ! Yes, the pig’s Nth play is dancing with his Zhu Bishi.

        The video immediately exploded several platforms, and the sound was liked. Netizens have expressed their feelings that “Luo Zhixiang has a mental hospital in his heart.”

        Luo Zhixiang can be said to embark on the peak of life after entering the vibrato. This star loves the DOU list. I don’t see TOP1 changed every time I open it celebrity dresses.

        I seriously doubt that he is thinking about how to beat the list when he has nothing in his usual life. This domineering signature is no one. Super-confident “all-round artist” “Who is the strongest vibrating sand sculpture is my own Luo Zhixiang.”

        It seems that Luo Zhixiang is inspirational in the first move. Prior to this, in the “Extreme Challenge”, the women’s clothing won the title of the snake and the beautiful pig Zhu Bishi, and those famous scenes will now laugh when they think of it.

        After the vibrato, the sand sculpture is played to the extreme, and the most eye-catching is the content of the drama and the dance.


        A costumed bucket, expression of willfulness, exaggerated interpretation of the er, the name of what is called the body (pound), I think (perfect) very perfect (perfect).

        The male and female role-playing “have to love”, which pretends to look at each other, this facial effect, added together is really a must.

        There are also makeup brushes as smoke, paper towels as smoke, and immersive interpretation of Andy Lau’s “forget the water”, who sees who laughs bald.

        As well as the strength of the interpretation of Lin Yuyu’s sister and Jia Baoyu’s angry fragments, this layer of progressive emotional interpretation only wants to say that there is a play, there is a play, there is a play!

Dance articles

        But almost all the sand sculpture videos will be combined with the dance. In the backstage of Happy Camp, the black headscarf wears red flowers and swayes, and the sand sculptures are beautiful. This group of dances stepped on the point very well, every point is just right, the facial expressions feel like a direct spray.

And without special effects, he can also play crazy!

        Netizens have exclaimed: “At one time, I suspected that the vibrato was born for him.” “Read it every day, prevent unhappiness.” With these small videos opened by the brain, the pigs harvested waves of passers-by powder.

Don’t look at our little pigs, the whistle is enough to play, and the people’s vibrato only pays attention to one person, that is, the female pottery friend Zhou Yangqing, and the two people often do a dance video with strong rhythm.

        Luo Zhixiang is also an old man in the entertainment circle. He is paying attention to the noble circles set up by various people. The more he plays, the more he plays, the more he plays, the more he is connected. The Luo Zhixiang is a clear stream.

        The straight and real stars have countless fans all the way. For example, Li Ronghao has always been a super straight boy, except for the whole point that Yang Weilin made a microblog and sent it four times to pay for the work.

        Recently, I participated in the “Good Voice of China” and it was even more hilarious. Self-recommendation with the students, close to the hometown, was exposed by Harlem.

        Li Ronghao’s classmates explained very vividly, from the Huaihe River in Anhui Province, rowing a boat to Lijiang.

        Wang Lihong on the side couldn’t help but laugh, what kind of brain hole does Li Ronghao have?

        Wei Daxun’s slamming the door with his variety show is slowly becoming well known. Please eat 300 pieces of buffet, send LV’s bag to Jing Boran, and there is a bear sent by the fans. Hahahaha Daxun, you are too cute!

And the good sister band on the show, the fellows mentioned together to help write songs, Wei Daxun of Tuen Mun can not write in white, let us look at this technique, this way, clearly said: a little cheap do not want to occupy me Cheap!

        I asked Wang to eat that time, and I was moved to people. I saw Daxun for the first time. As a result, I ordered two plates of meat and brought two plates. This is what the laugh to suffocate.

        Peng Yuchang exclaimed “the lamb that comes with him”, and at the end of the day, the program group bought a single hahaha, Wei Daxun, and the buckle did not need to be washed, it was a good drop! More will live!

        There is also Peng Yuchang, laughing at him fat, he is a stupid, the show is endless to eat hahaha, do not care.

        When it comes to acting, I honestly say that I have not had a kiss, and the whole network has asked him for a kiss.

        Luo Zhixiang’s sand sculpture, Li Ronghao’s embarrassment, Wei Daxun’s deduction, Peng Yuchang’s embarrassment… all let netizens offer knees and flowers, really do not, the circle is countless.

Whether it is a person or a real character, the sand sculpture, the iron shovel, the little prince of the Tuen Mun…the feelings are very pleasing, giving people a very close feeling of the people, it will lose the high sense of distance of many stars, instead of Like Jiang One Yan, it will be literary, and it will be art, but also take the top design award, so it’s so boring! The sand sculptures will only make the audience in front of the screen more likely to have a good impression. They can invisibly encircle a lot of young powder. After all, the smiles of our young people are contracted by themselves

Join hands with table tennis Paralympic champion Ge Yang Legend of this life “global pass music run” Xiamen burning start

On October 26th, the beautiful “Lucheng” Xiamen was filled with a warm and touching love.

With a crisp starter shot, 2019 “Global Passage Love Run – Legendary Life Charity City Relay” (hereafter referred to as “Global Passage Run”) starts romantically on the coastal road in Xiamen’s East Coast, which is also the legendary life. Run again to pay tribute to the 70th anniversary of the motherland. The reporter noticed at the scene that in this army of more than a thousand people, the leader of the table tennis Paralympic champion Ge Yang. Under the leadership of Ge Yang, “global love runs”, the vitality of the army, the sweat, and the transmission of love celebrity dresses.
According to the reporter’s understanding, in this Xiamen station activity, the legendary life continues to offer love to the disabled groups. The 80,000 yuan donated by the event will be donated to the “Hebei Geyang Public Welfare Foundation” founded by Ge Yang to support The development of sports and sports for children with disabilities.
In this activity of Xiamen Station, Legendary Life also actively implemented the environmental protection concept of “Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan” proposed by President Xi Jinping, responding to the national policy of sustainable development, and innovatively in the world for the first time. In the “Le Run” activity, the environmental protection public welfare element was implanted. With the theme of “garbage reduction”, all participants were urged to “cycle a bottle” throughout the running process to reduce the production of disposable products and consciously sort and recycle waste. Add clean space to Lucheng.

In order to be consistent with the theme of “garbage reduction”, Legend will not provide disposable cups in the recharge area along the running line. After calling the runners to drink the drinking water in the kit, do not discard it first. It is used cyclically when replenishing the station.

In addition, in order to make the “global pass-and-see music” have a more powerful magnetic effect in the society, the legendary life provides a variety of recreational activities such as band performances and bubble balls in the public welfare journey. There are also a variety of themes interactive design, enough to surprise everyone’s circle of friends, a variety of interesting stickers with magical highlights, and will also make Xiamen’s sky more blue with the public!

What surprises everyone is that the legendary life combines with the popular communication technology, and the multi-dimensional presentation method is adopted in the activity process. Not only the aerial photography of the drone is arranged in the air, but also the professional photographer on the ground, which freezes every youthful and youthful Qian Ying…
“Global Passing Love Music” is an annual charity event initiated by the legendary life, and Xiamen is the burning spot in this year’s charity city relay race. It is understood that “Global Passage Love Run” has held 2 stops this year, covering two world-famous metropolises in Shanghai and Guangzhou. The number of fans and runners who participated in the “Ai Le Run” has reached tens of thousands of people. Passionate support from runners and fans. Has become a phenomenon level topic.

It is worth noting that in this Xiamen station, the legendary life specially invited Ge Yang, the 4th champion of the table tennis Paralympic champion, to appear on the Binhai Avenue as the “Special Guest of the Legend of the Life and Love”. “The heron” followed. This is the continuation of the legendary and modern life concept of “helping China’s Paralympic Causes” in Shanghai Station. It is also Ge ​​Yang’s high recognition of the legendary and long-term commitment to charity and public welfare.

As a representative brand among social e-commerce, Legend has a long-term commitment to corporate social responsibility and dedication. Since its inception in 2004, it has been adhering to the brand tenet of “regularization, positive energy, and good reputation”. It creates a platform for excellence for women around the world, bringing more women to the beautiful and beautiful, and fulfilling their entrepreneurial dream of “small lipstick and big cause”. Therefore, the legendary life hopes to make “global love music run” into a non-competitive mass sports activity with the purpose of happiness, health and public welfare, promote urban health management and cultivate the national fitness awareness, and let people feel the city in running. vitality.

The reporter finally learned that this year’s “Global Passage Music” event will close in Sanya on November 9. At that time, Legend will continue to continue the concept of environmental protection, with the theme of “zero waste”, calling on the whole people to establish the concept of “I am doing environmental protection scavengers”, first set up the awareness of garbage sorting and recycling, and also the harmony of a sea of ​​blue sand in Sanya. Living Environment.

Concentrate on strength, hold high the banner of love, follow the legendary life, run out of energy, run out of happiness, run out of the wonderful.

Parcz Tsai Ballsea 2020 Spring/Summer Fashion Release – NO MORE BLUE

Introduction: On October 25th, at the opening day of China International Fashion Week, China’s outstanding designer brand Parcz_Tsai Balles officially opened the spring and summer of 2020. “NO MORE BLUE” The latest series of fashion release. The 2020 Spring/Summer collection of this time is the brand’s founder and design director Cai Zhou.
Zhou Wei, Dong Qing, Yang Shize, Zhang Wei, Song Bingyang, Shao Xingying, Wang Qian, Liu Anqi, Zhong Lili, Ma Xiaoyuan, Jiang Meng, Bai Chen, Oriental Girls and other big-name friends attended the event and witnessed another inspiration for Chinese designers. Art presentation.

Parcz_Tsai Balls 2020 Spring and Summer The NO MORE BLUE collection is inspired by the ocean. Designer Cai Zhou comprehensively analyzes and interprets people’s impressions of the ocean and various kinds of creatures and things related to the sea. From the soft color and light texture to the cumbersome and heavy-duty work, the whole series can feel the deconstruction that the designer has always been good at, and it is more and more free to switch between classics and innovations. At the same time, designer Cai Zhou also hopes to integrate the “golden value” of the design with the “green value” of environmental protection through this conference to appeal to everyone to protect the environment. “NO MORE BLUE” is not only a title, but also a designer who hopes to influence the contemporary people on a spiritual level celebrity dresses.

Along with the drums of music, the models dressed in hair and dressed in a new series sneak out to the best of the 2020 spring and summer women. In the Spring/Summer 2020 collection, Parcz_Tsai has redefined the fashion and the dress itself, continuing the brand’s unique style through two series of high-end ready-to-wear and haute couture. The highlights of the show are one after another, bringing a full of surprises.

Semi-perspective gauze elements are springing up on the catwalk, bringing feminine beauty and supreme sensuality. It’s elegant and calm, and it’s easy to control and stun the red carpet. It’s a life but not mediocrity. Beauty has its own advantages and uniqueness; unique and innovative artistic tailoring has also appeared in the design. On the romantic lace fabric, the fish scale mechanism fabric and the new technology fashion fabric filled with metal texture, the garment exudes elegant and high-grade luster. .

On the show floor, the most intuitive pearls, shells and beaded decorative elements based on marine life are added to the theme of the season, adding a touch of decoration to the original simple and refreshing, but there is no tiring feeling until the end of the season. The jewelry is also one of the most interesting things: headwear, earrings, glasses, necklaces and other items also have a delicate use of the marine elements, creating a spring and also bring the pioneering fun exploration without losing the artistry.

Under the soft and sleek blazer, the designer reveals the research and excellence of French three-dimensional cutting skills. Reinventing the perfect curve of women’s design, without losing the artistic beauty, blurring the boundaries between daily life and banquet; the high-sleek and light texture provides a comfortable choice for the outer wear and the inner set, walking along the way to swing with the wind The body reveals the most subtle sexy genes of women. Even if youth is a dream, who is not willing to sleep? A variety of texture suits suitable for commuting have both styling. The presentation of different fabrics and the precise design of the details add a feminine and fashionable feel to the dignified suit. Since then, elite girls are no longer just capable, but also have fashionable faces; heavyweight dresses are also part of the season that will not be absent. This season’s heavyweight dress is still very Parcz_Tsai. It is very pioneering and pioneering, especially the artistic cut and color matching, which is very amazing.

In the fashion world of Parcz_Tsai, it is rare to see sudden and uncontrollable, and it is full of refreshing beauty. The style of fashion that is full of real wear and feminism and artistic exploration is a self-contained style that conveys the “new classic” fashion aesthetics and “new elegance” style insights. The founder of the brand, Cai Zhou, has never stopped on the road to the ultimate aesthetic of fashion.

Designer Q&A:

Q: What are the fresh styles of Parcz_Tsai’s 2020 Spring/Summer collection?

A: Parcz_Tsai Ballseye focuses on redefining fashion and dress itself. In the age of the Internet, every woman should be her own idol. This needs to be projected by each individual’s self-personality. The 2020 Spring/Summer collection meets this need of contemporary women and satisfies our continued pursuit of “fashionism” and “feminism” styles.

Q: The current popular entertainment trend is popular, how do fashion designers combine artistic concepts with current fashion trends?

A: Fashion design is a fusion of business and art, both of which are indispensable. Good fashion designers can find a free zone to explore the two. The more they understand the needs of humanity, the more exaggerated artistic attempts can be made. The fashion trend is only the representational behavior, and its core should still have the spirit of exploration.

Q: How do designers choose the design inspiration for each season?

A: Everything you see in life can be inspiration.

Q: What is the working status of the designer?

A: Race against the season and race against time. Fashion design is not a relaxed industry, it requires sensitive brain movements to maintain the high vitality of thinking.

Q: In your opinion, what kind of person did you design when you made it?

A: The designer is a profession that cares about the beauty ratio of one inch and one inch. It is especially important to create “beauty” products, vision and experience. I often ask for the quality of each product in each season from the most discerning customer perspective. Because in the process of series development, the more thorns you pick, the more problems you end up solving for your customers. For those who create “beauty” and standards, it is my principle to do everything possible. “Do-it-yourself” is something I can’t accept. There is never a “good-looking” product or brand in the world.

There are so many men’s clothing men’s gods, today I just want to banish the white brother on the dunhill show.

Why are you fascinated by Bai Yu? It is the “Zhu Yunxiao” with “small scum” in the “Soul of the Town”, with a free and easy hand, and “Zhang Yuan” who interprets the campus male god into the wood in “Summer and Summer”. . But in this men’s wear week in Paris, Bai Yu, who is “handsome” in the eyes of PC Sauce, is far more than that.
Nothing is more suitable than today to enjoy Bai Yu’s 100 kinds of handsome! On the last day of Paris Men’s Week, the dunhill 2019 autumn and winter show, dressed in dunhill 2019 spring and summer series of gray wool silk suit, with brown duke series Lok Fu shoes The scene is full of low-key and restrained charm.

As the first time to attend Fashion Week, Bai Yu, PC sauce at the press conference felt that he has the exclusive characteristics of Aries male god: passion and vitality. Not only politely interacted with the PC sauce, but also very intimately set Pose in advance to shoot the camera brother who is less than one meter tall.
In the face of dazzling fashion, suits are undoubtedly the first choice for male stars to participate in important occasions. Bai Yu’s suit looks suitable and comfortable, and coincides with his own temperament. Handsome is a word, PC sauce has to say to Bai Yu many times!
During the interview, I can see the ID of PCLADY after reading the big-character poster: I have the type, I have the material “Read as “I have type, I have rice”, BYGG counts the first year of the year! Good hand!

It is said that every girl wants to make her boyfriend dressed up to Bai Yu and Jin Chengwu. PC sauce thinks this is simple. The distance between your boyfriend and Bai Yu is actually only a suit – a fashionable Modern suit.
Dunhill, a men’s night where all styles meet

As the saying goes, “The classic is long-lasting, and the suit will remain forever.” Haven’t heard it? Because this sentence is said by PC sauce. After all, since ancient times, only suits can perfectly explain handsome and casual.
It is a series that can save “straight male cancer”. More than half of the 41 sets of costumes are suits. From the countryside to the psychedelic, this season’s dunhill series will show the diversity of the British costume culture. As the male model walks with a faint radiance, tradition and subversion, the workplace and the street are both ridiculous and full of praise.

This design was inspired by the upper class in the 1980s. The casual fit cut replaces the classic double-breasted blazer, the kimono tailoring style gives a chic new elegance, and the cascading design dramatically subverts the urban elite’s old-fashioned. The glossy fabric also makes the tough suit “soft” and “gentle”.

The corduroy material is designed in a variety of suits to highlight the cleanliness of the gentleman. The tailoring of the clothing is simple and elegant, and the classic and delicate dark blue and fabrics make the PC sauce marvel. This is the “men’s wardrobe.”
Subvert the country atmosphere and create street fashion. In the 80s fashion concept of beloved, one side is the upper-class exquisite dress, and the other is the casual sportswear, highlighting the “new gentleman” with bright colors and fashionable jackets.

The whole show, the most attractive PC sauce is the matching scarf on the neck of the model! The avant-garde down jacket material scarf with classic versatile gentleman pieces, the unique taste of collision.

PC Sai interviewed Bai Yu after the show, Bai Yu revealed that he wanted to buy a dunhill “down scarf” for this big show.

There are so many men’s clothing men’s gods, today I just want to banish the white brother on the dunhill show.

But PC sauce feels that dunhill’s hat is more suitable for BYGG! Plaid pattern British leisure, black leather material is modern and modern, no matter which one, Bai Yu refined temperament can hold one by one.

Whether it’s a practical and fashionable print case, or a classic business clutch, the high-quality men can find their favorite in dunhill.

“I want to subvert the classic menswear style in a sophisticated way.”

Mark’s ambition for dunhill is to enable men all over the world to enjoy high quality products and services while feeling the modern British style with a sense of world.

Dunhill creative director Mark Weston and PC Sauce said: For him, diversity is the lasting theme of dunhill, and one of the inherent qualities of the brand celebrity dresses.

Dunhill Creative Director: Mark Weston

This season, Mark Weston reinterprets the elegant style, plays with fashion tastes, and controls the concept of multi-scenario menswear culture and interpretation of the British style. Whether it’s a deer baseball cap, a beautiful mohair suit, or a nylon shirt, tradition and avant-garde are parallel.

What kind of sports pants do boys wear?

What kind of sports pants do boys wear? The sports boys are actually very popular with girls, giving people a feeling of sunshine health. When boys choose sports pants, they are actually quite selective. The following small series will give Let’s recommend a few models.

What style of sports pants do boys wear?

Side stripe sweatpants

The side stripe has become a well-loved style. He also uses delicate contrast stripes to decorate the side, forming a contrast with the color of the main body, and the street atmosphere is also richer. The waist is also tightened by the traditional drawstring method, which is more suitable for the waist line. At the hem of the trousers, a tight structure is also adopted, which makes it easy to show a neat and sleek sport celebrity dresses.

Printed sweatpants

The surface is decorated with exquisite dog claw print elements, which are very beautiful and individual, and are designed with the theme of dog claws. The fashion sense is also very prominent. It also adds a full-color effect embellishment of the contrast color. The surface is irregularly spread over the dog’s claws, which has a more prominent interest, and the vivid color collision does not have any visual aesthetic fatigue.

Beamed sweatpants

The combination of autumn sports style is also very popular among people. This pair of trousers is designed in a looser straight style and is more inclusive. Put on a simple and trendy T-shirt, with a bit of free and unrestrained effect, coupled with a pair of sneakers, highlighting the sun temperament of sports men.

Men’s sweatpants brand

1, kappa

The quality of this brand can be said to be very trustworthy, and the material of the sweatpants has cotton and cotton-free styles, which can be worn in spring, summer, autumn and winter. And his family’s sports pants are also quite good, very three-dimensional, not loose, the whole pants will have a very wide feeling. This brand of men’s trousers is very recommended.
2, Uniqlo

Uniqlo’s style is simple and comfortable. The fabric of his sweatpants is really recommended. It is super sweat-absorbent and breathable. It is very suitable for sports. The texture is very good, not very thin, it is all cotton fabric. A sports pants that are really worth buying back.

  1. Adidas

Speaking of sports brands, of course, it is indispensable. The workmanship of his family’s sportswear can be said to be very careful. The design of the zipper is very elaborate, and every detail highlights the charm of sports. The trousers are perfectly tailored and there are different types of sports pants for different types of sports. The fabric is very delicate, and the choice of thin material in summer is very slim!

Winter skin is always peeling and dry and itchy.

Winter skin is always peeling and dry and itchy? Winter skin is a very common skin phenomenon, winter skin care products should be replaced with better moisturizing products, winter body skin dry must be applied more body cream hand cream Class of body care products.
How to do dry skin in winter?

The first point: regular exfoliation

Our body’s dry skin and lack of water will have a lot of old cuticles on the surface of the skin. At this time, the use of moisturizing products may not have much effect, the skin can not absorb, only remove some of the old keratin It can make skin better absorb skin care products, and the effect of moisturizing will be better, so in the winter we regularly use exfoliating products to exfoliate the skin of the body celebrity dresses.

Second point: use moisturizing mild shower gel

There are a lot of people who are not paying attention to the shower gel for bathing. The same shower gel is used in winter and summer. The refreshing oil-free shower gel used in summer is not suitable for use in winter. It will make the skin Becomes drier. In the winter, use a strong shower gel to absorb the useful oil on the skin surface, so that the skin’s water storage capacity is reduced, the water will be lost faster, and the skin will be easy to dry, so use a mild type in winter. Moisturizing shower gel.

The third point: body milk can not be less

In winter, the skin is dry. If you don’t care about it, the skin will be particularly severe, and the skin will be particularly easy to itch. Sometimes it may itch, so we still have to use body lotion in winter. To moisturize our body’s skin, immediately apply body lotion to lock the skin’s moisture after showering.

Fourth point: replace the pump with a canned moisturizer

Most pumped moisturizers are relatively thin in texture because they contain less oil. The moisturizing product of the cream texture contains more oil than the water, and the fat contained in the oil will fill the cells between the stratum corneum to form a water barrier to avoid water loss, so the moisturizing effect of the cream is better, but the texture is also good. It will become thicker and harder to transport by pump.

The fifth point: participate in the oil during the daily skin care process, the effect of moisturizing the skin

Coconut oil has a good effect on skin and hair. If your skin is very sensitive, use some oils that are not easily acne, such as argan oil. If you don’t like to apply oil directly to your skin, you can drop the oil into your skin care lotion, moisturizer, and then apply it to your body.

Sixth point: apply mask before going to bed, moisturize overnight

The mask is correct, but it is better to apply the mask before going to bed. At night, it is the time when the skin is undergoing metabolism. After doing a moisturizing operation and then going to sleep, it can be called “beauty”!

Seventh point: a bath of oatmeal

Use a blender to grind a cup of cereal into a fine powder and participate in a bath full of warm water. Oatmeal has a calming inflammatory effect that relieves itching caused by boring. More bathing in the winter is nothing to kill.

Eighth point: add some brightening liquid and moisturizing cream, then apply it to the whole face, brighten the skin and cover the dull.

The skin is red or sallow, and even the dark circles of the eyes are blue. When the skin is blown to the cool breeze, it will turn into a red face, a red nose, or the face will become sallow. It will look very unhealthy. At this time, it is recommended to conceal it with concealer. The skin looks evenly colored and agile to the original situation.

Session 9: Applying Skin Barrier Correction Cream

Excessive exfoliation, or use too rough products to wash your skin, let the acne-producing products take away the acne and peel off the skin together, it will form a crack in the skin. At this time some bacteria will enter these tiny cracks, causing irritation and then causing water loss.

How to do dry skin on winter legs?

1, pay attention to the number of cleaning and cleaning

Many fairies tend to use higher water temperatures during bathing in winter, but this can lead to excessive skin cleansing and aggravation of dry skin on the legs caused by climate. Moreover, the current shower gel on the market is basically a soap base for the surface. This kind of surface cleaning and cleaning power is easy to cause the skin to dry, so Xiaobian recommended to the fairies in winter to try to use the bath oil, in maintaining a good cleaning power. It also moisturizes the skin on the legs.

2, apply moisturizing repair body milk

The skin of our legs will become dry after the cleansing due to sebum loss, so be sure to apply moisturizing body lotion to the skin in time. Sticking to this habit for a long time, even in the cold and dry winter, the skin of the legs can be moist and elastic, and it can prevent the skin of the legs from having fishy scale skin problems.

3, for leg massage

Before doing a leg massage, we need to prepare a body massage cream or essential oil. Apply this product evenly to the skin of the legs, then use both hands to press from top to bottom and scrape the legs until the legs feel hot. The advantage of this is to promote the blood circulation of the legs, insist on doing 20 minutes of massage every day, not only can the skin not have dry problems, but also make the leg lines more compact and beautiful.

Dry skin in winter to do this

NO.1 pay attention to diet and hydration

In the daily diet, pay attention to eating more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, to prevent dry skin due to lack of vitamins; eat more meaty foods rich in collagen to ensure skin elasticity; drink plenty of water to prevent skin water shortage; In addition, milk, mushrooms, fungus, peanuts, sesame, almonds, etc. should also be eaten, there will be good results.

NO.2 bath water temperature should not be too hot

Due to the cold weather, people often use very hot water to bathe, which will wash away sebum excessively, causing the skin to dry and easy to cause peeling; also be careful not to use bathing lotion and other toiletries that are too strong in degreasing, avoiding Increases dryness of the skin.

NO.3 leg warmth is very important

There is less leg clothing, and the cold air in winter will penetrate the clothes to take away the moisture of the skin of the legs, so that the skin on the legs becomes dry and peeled. Therefore, in the winter, don’t just ignore the wind and ignore the temperature. It is very important to keep your legs warm.

NO.4 close-fitting clothing should be changed frequently

The skin of the human body will stick to the skin debris, which will rub between the human skin and the clothes, resulting in static electricity, which will aggravate the dryness and peeling of the skin. Moreover, these dander can also breed bacteria, so be sure to change clothes frequently.

NO.5 wear more cotton clothing

Nowadays, many people only pay attention to the appearance and neglect the material and comfort of the clothes when they dress. In fact, the material of the clothes is not breathable or too tight, which will cause the skin to dry and peel. In addition, if the chemical fiber material is worn, static electricity is generated due to excessive friction with the dry leg, thereby increasing the current state of dry skin peeling. Cotton clothing has strong ventilation and moisturizing properties, and does not cause dry skin. Therefore, you should choose some cotton clothing for daily use.

NO.6 Proper use of moisturizer

If you feel that the skin is dry, you can use some moisturizers and other products to wipe it after daily bathing. Apply it to dry skin, it will be very effective, but pay attention to it!

NO.7 Keep the indoor air humidity

The winter weather is cold and dry, and the air inside the house will become very dry. This requires the use of a humidifier to keep the humidity inside the house, which will also have a good relief effect on dry skin!

NO.8 guarantees adequate sleep

We know that sleeping beauty can make your face look good. The same, enough sleep, you can also make your skin repair well, so be sure to stay up late to ensure adequate sleep.

How to meet the second-year girl in the three-dimensional world?

Living in the second element “, it was not a derogatory description ten years ago. The implication is that it is a “fat house.” However, in the more than ten years of rapid Internet development, the meaning of the word “home” has been quietly A change has taken place.

Everyone, young and old, everyone is gradually “home” in the mobile phone and computer, chasing after the animation, chatting and sending friends, playing games in groups – we gradually found out that we can find so many treasures in the second yuan. Build your own spiritual world celebrity dresses.

In terms of games, we no longer only hope to gain a sense of accomplishment from the upgrade of Daguai, but also hope to meet like-minded teammates and work hard to do the task. At the same time, we hope to find a sense of self-identity and express our attitude towards the world.

Two years ago, a very famous “suit suit” event occurred in the game circle.

The cause was that a girl who was playing DNF (Dungeon and Warriors) in a street interview program was classified as a fat man, causing dissatisfaction with the DNF eight million warriors. So on the day of April 26, 2017, DNF players put together a suit to go to the Internet cafe to fight the group, using actions to refute the stereotypes of outsiders. This day is also called “suit day” by the players, and continues this behavior every year, “suit suits” has become a symbol of DNF player culture.

This year is the eleventh year of DNF’s operation in China. This game, which has accompanied many people to grow up, has brought together more than 300 million warriors.

“I shouldn’t have saved the girl named Celia a decade ago.” This is a favorite of the DNF warriors who like to laugh at themselves. And when they opened the interface and heard the familiar greeting again, “Today is also a day full of hope,” but they can’t suppress the feelings and embarrassment of this girl.

“If time goes by, will you save the girl named Celia?”

“It will be, after all, she is my whole youth.”

Why did she become the idol of eight million warriors?

Celia, this name is no stranger to every DNF player. She is the first contact you enter after entering the game, and the first one will come out and greet you every time you log in to the game.

Celia is an 18-year-old girl from Arad. She has red pupils and long gray hair. She is wearing a green top, red lace and white skirt. She is not only lively and lovely, but also gentle and intelligent. She always waits silently. The place where the player departs.

In the DNF, Granson is the first level experienced by the Warriors. Because a fire in Granson caused the creatures of the forest to be crazy, the adventurer needed to knock down the raging Goblin and rescue the Celia, who was trapped in the forest. Since then, Celia has been with every player.

When you set off, she said, “I will wait for you!”

When you return, she said: “I am relieved to see you safe.”

When you need guidance, she said: “I will always cheer for you, my adventurer.”

When you are in trouble, she says with distress, “Is there anything that can help you?”

When you are discouraged, she encourages you, “The real warrior never escapes in the face of his own responsibility.”

Over the years, the map has changed, NPC and BOSS have changed, and the teammates around have changed a wave. Only Celia has been waiting in the hotel and practicing her promise. “I am here waiting for you.” ”

It can be said that Celia is the soul and symbol of DNF. She has accompanied the warriors to experience adventures again and again. It is of great significance for every player:

“She has witnessed the rookie who has spent countless resurrection coins from brushing a zombie, to the experience of the tortoise Luke overtime and absolute master C. I am not afraid of any monsters, and I will always be brave when she is behind me.”

“Every time I go back to the long-lost tree hole, she is always there, watching me quietly, watching my bitterness, watching me cry, watching the burden of my dead life, watching me from a ignorant The teenager becomes a young man full of fear and confusion about the future.”

When the song of Celia rang, every warrior would recall his youth and vows. “I swear to protect the Arad continent and protect her. I will always like Celia.”

As the idol of the eight million warriors, Celia has always been eager to try different images, bringing freshness and possibilities to adventurers.

From the green dress red dress, the slightly ignorant innocent girl, to the time and space door story, the long-eared and high-tailed elf image, Celia has been changing the dress, and brought many eye-catching shapes: Sexy and glamorous summer swimwear, traditional costumes hanbok and cheongsam, Hatsune Miku dress up, parkour, Christmas dress and more.

Celeron, which is a favorite of eight million warriors, not only brings hope and hope to everyone in the Arad continent every day, but also visits the earth frequently in recent years, and has experienced many cross-border experiences that are not available in Arad.

Last year at the 10th Anniversary Party of “Dungeon and Warriors”, Celia’s incarnation of female anchors officially debuted, bringing a personal column – “Arad Night Scene”, and also cross-secondary squadrons, the number one singer, Xu Xu baby.

At this year’s 11th anniversary party, Celia also appeared in a new 3D image, and hosted the anniversary of the DNF attractions in Granson, Wuling Town, Ghent, and Tebols, leading the world. The young people learned about the more realistic Adelaide continent and the more magnificent future of the game.

As an idol, Celia has been digging its own side and trying more possibilities.

This time, Celia once again came to Earth, because it is a very important thing. She hopes to appear in front of the players with a brand new image. She also hopes to bring more changes to the players who have been with us for 10 years! She is the originator of the tide brand. The spokesperson of BOY LONDON brings a limited series of BOY LONDON and DNF.

This time she changed the style of the girl in the past and changed the trend of the exotic street. Gothic font hoodies, logo print blouses, check shirts, sneakers, Martin boots, these items are cool, but interpreted by another dimension, youthful Celia, without any violation And feeling.

On the Arad continent, the DNF warriors will never admit defeat and break through the shackles, which coincides with the spirit of “born subversion” that BOY LONDON has always adhered to.

BOY LONDON pioneers, freedom, punk, and encourages people to subvert the traditional flaws. Through the joint name, BOY LONDON’s classic punk style and the DNF IP worldview collide to create a series of items that fit the spirit of contemporary young people.

The reason why Celia chose BOY LONDON this time is actually the motivation given to her by the DNF Warriors.

Celia often warns that the warrior must not get lost in the forest. Later, she gradually learned from the warriors the rule of not getting lost: as long as you keep on advancing, don’t stop taking risks, you will always find the way. In her view, it is not only the spoils, but the warriors themselves, they are the light that illuminates the road ahead.

In the past, we only met with Azerbaijan and Celia, but this time, we also captured Celia in the three-dimensional world, and invited her to interview and asked some questions that you all want to ask:
ELLEMEN: Hello, Celia, first of all, welcome you to the earth, first make a simple self-introduction for everyone?

Seria: Hello everyone, I am Celia Klumin from Dungeons & Warriors. The players on Weibo also like to call me the old game. I live in a continent called Arad, a partner of the warriors. This time, I am honored to be the spokesperson of BOY LONDON’s joint cooperation. I am very happy to meet the warriors on the earth in this form. Today is also a day full of hope!

ELLEMEN: The planet you live in seems to be very different from the earth. Can you simply talk about it?

Seria: Arad is the continent where I live, just like the earth, where people build their own prosperous world through their hard work and wisdom. In order to protect our world, we have been constantly breaking through and fighting against evil forces. Of course, we cannot do without the long-term help of the Earth Warriors.

Our world consists of three plates, the Arad continent, the heavens and the devil, and the structure of the earth seems to be different. On that continent, there are energetic and friendly people, there are giant beasts swimming in the sky, and there are all kinds of strange flowers and plants. I really hope that more people from the earth can go to Arad as guests.

ELLEMEN: After you became an idol, what happened to your life?

Seria: It should be more opportunities to meet the world and meet everyone (laughs). Thanks to the adventurers who love me, I will continue to bring you more new stories and accompany you to guard the Arad continent. I will also try to meet you with more people in the way, like live broadcasts, Vlogs and other novelty things, you must remember me!

ELLEMEN: What is the reason for this time, so that you can come to Earth from Arad not far away?

Seria: It’s been eleven years since I first met the Warriors of the Earth. In the long-term relationship, I also formed a deep friendship with many warriors. This time I came to Earth not only to feel the place where they lived, but also hope that I can bring more Arad planet information to everyone, so that more people in the world can understand Arad.

ELLEMEN: What kind of experience is the spokesperson of the BOY LONDON joint name across the border? Can you talk about why there is such a cooperation?

Seria: This is the first time I have been exposed to the street fashion culture. I try to rebel against the cool style. Everything makes me feel fresh and interesting.

After coming to Earth, I saw a lot of things different from my hometown. Although the culture of the earth is very different from the culture of Arad, I hope that the two can be well combined so that the inhabitants of the earth can better understand Allah. De, like Arad.

The mavericks and unconstrained manifestations of BOY LONDON costumes remind me of the adventurers in my hometown. Their breath seems to be exactly the same.

ELLEMEN: As the spokesperson of this cooperation, what do you think of this joint-name fashion? Can you describe the upper body feeling of the joint name for us?

Seria: This collaboration continues the trend of BOY LONDON and combines the culture of Arad with the adventures of the warriors. I also designed with the designers of BOY LONDON to draw inspiration from the familiar apostle elements of the adventurer. In particular, the third apostle “Pray” is one of the most important design elements, and Prey has a free wing, which is ingeniously blended with BOY LONDON’s eagle-winged logo.

In addition, I also like the color of this series. BOY LONDON’s classic black and white with a large area of ​​bright orange tone, not only very recognizable, but also full of vitality, this contrast color, I especially like it. In the follow-up, I will carry out the flash shop activities with the co-branded costumes, hoping to let more people know and like our cooperation costumes.

ELLEMEN: This BOY LONDON co-branded series is named as the flash of everything. Is there any special meaning?

Seria: “Flash” is a belief for DNF players. First of all, it is a lucky sign to successfully get the best items, so we used chu huo’s pinyin (laugh), and it also represents the unremitting efforts of the warriors and pursue. Whether in the game or in life, we hope that the young people of the moment can persist in the things they love, and one day everyone will see you shining. For Arad, it is because there are thousands of warriors in it, so that everything is shining.

ELLEMEN: So in the Chengdu Flash Shop event on October 25, what highlights can you preview with us?

Seria: In the Chengdu Flash Shop, you may have illusory that you have crossed the familiar Arad continent, because in the style of construction, we not only combine the BOY LONDON trend style, but also incorporate many of our Arad planet’s technological elements and architectural features. .

You can personally visit the Marl Principality, Red Jungle, Ghent and other places on the Arad continent to find light maps, and become a flash adventurer. You will also enjoy the trend designer NSCCREW to complete the Sichuan culture and this joint series. Graffiti. We will also invite the popular anchors and the hottest rappers from the earth to come to the scene, you must not miss it.

For me, this is an opportunity to show Arad to everyone. I am also looking forward to the Earth Warriors participating in this event to experience the differences in the Arad world.

ELLEMEN: Your fans are very concerned about your development on the earth. Can you tell us something about the future?

Seria: I will stay on the earth for a while, try to go to some places or platforms that the warriors like to go, such as live broadcast or video release. I really hope to have more communication with the warriors. Learn more about them.

In the near future, I hope that Arad can have some deeper exchanges with the Earth. I will invite other friends of Arad to try to restore some of Arad’s architecture and customs to the earth, such as Arad. Local customs and some special products, etc., better show the Arad culture to everyone, so that everyone can personally feel the cultural characteristics of Arad, please look forward to it with me.

ELLEMEN: Our interview is coming to an end. What do you want to say to the warriors and fans who have supported you all the time?

Seria: Whether you will embark on the Arad continent or the real world adventure, don’t say goodbye to me, I will always be with you!